UK - what are you getting from "employment suppory allowance"?

Hi, I recently got a large sum in my bank account and I havent received a letter yet because I live abroad. Can someone tell me what are the usual rates for this support allowance? I heard somewhere lowest it 105£ is this true?

…Maybe it’s back-pay?

I live in the States and that’s common here after you get your disability status.

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Yeah. For something else I was once on, I got payback between when I applied for it to when the application got accepted. I’m no longer on it, but it happens.

I get £398 a fortnight, which includes the Severe Disabilty Premium - cos i also get pip every 4 weeks on top.

Tho that will go down - cos ive got a wage coming into the household now.

That sound like back pay from the date of your claim. Yeah, you tend to get the money first and the letter a week later lol.

Surprised they didnt make you claim Universal Credit - as they are phasing out ESA. But maybe the rules are different if you live abroad

I get £261 a fortnight of esa, but get pip on top. I get housing benefit but I have to pay a top up of rent out of this of £167 a month.

I am awaiting a PIP renewal application at this very moment.

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Might be good news - mine got extended automatically for another year, without a review. cos of the Covid 19 crisis. You just might be the same.

Nah, they sent me that letter of extension in July, but then they wanted it done by 26th October.

My community nurse filled it in and provided photocopies and stuff, like last time which also meant no interview necessary. I hope it is the same this time.

Seems a bit low. If your getting standard rate PIP - you should get the Severe Disabilty premium added to your esa?

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It is low isn’t it compared to yours. :slight_smile:

My PIP is £451 ,4 weekly.

I imagine you get better than that too? :smiley:

LOL - Not anymore it wont be. Were just waiting to hear from the DWP about the GF’s wages coming in. So no - i will probably be worse off.

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I don’t know how much ESA I get as I have a appointee. I know I get £1390 a month and full housing benefit paid. High for PIP, both awards and Full ESA and severe disability premium.

Is ESA paid every two weeks?? Or monthly?

Every 2 weeks. But unless your getting Severe Disabilty Premium, its likely they with move you onto Universal Credit - which is paid monthly.