What's your background check like?

I have a public intox

child restraint car ticket

3 speeding tickets

2 credit cards in collections

and now house in foreclosure

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I have a ton of debt. Here in Denmark, they havr a registry for people who don’t pay their bills.
Each bill unpaid is in the registry for five years.
I have four.

If you’re in the registry, you can’t get a loan or a phone/internet subscription.

I’ve never had serious run-ins with the police.

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Mine is squeakly clean these days, all the bad stuff is over a quarter century ago. Good thing as I have to get another police check done this year because I’m doing 4H photography again.


when they’ve hauled me away a few times,

they told me it won’t go on my record,

so I hope that’s true.

As i work for the public sector I have to get a dbs done before I start and every few years I work there … It’s clean

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Do you still drive daze


I don’t like to though

and now Phil got an Iowa license

so we’re good.

How is public transport where you live? I take bus tube train everywhere …!!! My oyester card is free

oh, cool

I’m in small town

we gotta drive everywhere

gas gets high

we I was a kid, a bus came to town every day at noon
to go into the cities

doubt we’ll ever see that again


My bus comes every 5-10 mins. Trains can be every two to three mins.

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I joke that I’m part blonde – used to be the case that I’d get drunk and my clothes would fly off. Got arrested for streaking in public SO MANY TIMES. All misdemeanors, thankfully. I got a pardon for all of the stuff in my jacket once I was ten years sober – cost me $7K in lawyers fees, but worth it.

Only thing that caused me a problem in the last two years is that you have to declare any past bankruptcy when you become an insurance broker. I had one in 1992, discharged in 1993. Had to get the paperwork for the discharge and that was that. I’m still deeply ashamed over the bankruptcy, that was due to poor behavior on my part and I have to own that one.

No police records but I have debts in collections (credit cards and money I wasn’t expecting to owe the hospital from my stay a year ago).

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I have to own a lot too, Pixel

I know we all have a past

glad you got on track

if I want to do direct care again
I have to appeal to DHS

and they have to give me a clearance

I was 19 when I got that public intox in college.

Mine is clean but the only thing I can think of is that by law I’m not allowed to own a gun.

@Daze we don’t have much of public transport here where I live either and if you don’t have a license ur basically ■■■■■■.

They should have it available everywhere in my opinion.

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The lady who is helping me train Sherlock my service dog. Wanted me to help out with the Four H club. I had to get a background check.
My last run in with the law was back in 1991. I told them about that. I was clear and now I’m a volunteer with the Four H Club dog club.

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I’m wanted in 4 Provinces…and not wanted in the other 8. :wink:

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you are too sweet to ever pull punches like that

I’m wanted too but only by Phil.

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I got arrested for “driving while intoxicated on psychiatric medications”, believe it or not. Spent an evening, a night and a morning in a county jail for that one. And that is the only thing on my record. My financial records are clean. I’m a few days late paying my bills sometimes, due to pure procrastination, but that is all.

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I’m so clean I bet you couldn’t find me

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No jail or prison. Good-to-excellent credit. A few tickets.

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