My partner's question

my partner had a question, she asked if a person going to prison with mental illness can they instead go to a mental hospital? she is asking for me since i was told last august i could go to jail for a bounced check that was almost 7 years old. i got a call from a debt collector stating i committed a felony and need to pay over 300 dollars in fees by the next business day or i could go to jail. i told them i’m on ssi and i have a mental illness and i don’t make enough money to cover that especially in such a short amount of time. they didn’t care

i called a free lawyer about my situation. she told me that since i’m on ssi they can’t legally take my money and it was about to expire how long they can go after me for the bounced check.

no it’s just a scumbag debt collector ignore it

the lawyer asked for their number and told them to stop bothering me. the bounced check was from a pay day loan place that i borrowed money from while i still had a job and then lost my job and i couldn’t save enough money to pay them. i still get hassled by debt collectors especially about my student loan debt.they all threaten jail time

how it works is companies who have people who owe them money sell these debt records to debt collection companies for a tiny fraction of the actual amount. then the dept collection companies try really hard to pressure you into paying and they keep the money.

here is a great piece on it from this annoying commedian


The debt collector is probably a scammer. You cannot be prosecuted for a payday loan check because they knew the check was worthless when you gave it to them.

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These people buy bad debt for cents on the dollar. It’s probably too old for them to do anything, there is a statute of limitations, but they hope that by frightening you, you will give them some money and also reaffirm the debt, which means they can continue to try and collect. I’m not a lawyer (obviously) and this is not the place for legal advice, but you did the right thing by calling one.

Seriously though we don’t have debtors prison anymore. You cannot go to jail because of bad debt.