What's with all the vegans jumping ship?

been noticing a lot of prominent vegans on youtube are switching diets. personally I tried veganism for a few years but quit after a hospitalization. i’m still mostly plant based but have turkey burgers for breakfast. the rest of the day is all big salads and a baked potato.

the reason I am not vegan is because my family is not vegan. it’s foolish to fight against your own family I think. someday I will look back on it as just a phase of my life.

honestly I don’t know what the healthiest diet is. a vegan diet is good for keeping your skin clear, I had trouble with pimples when I was younger and I would also try it for heart health as heart disease runs in my family.

I don’t care for grains really as they give me excess mucous but I do incorporate a lot of beans.

anyways just went to youtube and saw another guy who made a name for himself as a vegan bodybuilder is no longer identifying as vegan. seems to be a lot of people jumping ship lately. thoughts?

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I was a vegan for 5-6 years. A few months ago I craved cheese and eggs. So I gave in.
Now I eat cheese and eggs. Not many, cos I have heart problems


Being a vegan places a huge strain on you and those around you. It’s hard to keep track on what foods have animal products, and if you don’t pay attention how much you eat of what, you can get malnourished.


I think it is because it is difficult to be truly vegan. And expensive. I wrote an article several years ago on hidden animal products that are present in what people might think are vegan. Like sugar…much of white sugar is filtered through charcoal made from cow bones.


one thing that I found to be really difficult was travel. maybe you can find a bag of nuts or pistachios in the gas station but there isn’t much healthy food that would provide enough calories on the road. but there does seem to be an endless supply of burger joints out there. it takes a lot of planning if you want to be vegan and travel. you really can’t even live without thinking about food and what you’re going to eat.


I’ve been vegetarian for quite some time now, and enjoy it. I tried vegan for a few months but it was hard to avoid animal products when eating at someone else’s house. Not everyone has soya milk for coffee. And I am a cheese lover, although i have cut down on cheese again. I eat eggs and a little cheese and yoghurt, and some chocolate. But i avoid animal flesh and I drink soya milk instead of dairy.


I wasnt 100% vegan, but vegetarian leaning towards vegan. I wasnt organised enough to do it right. I felt i missed important stuff, vitamins and all, because i wasnt doing it right and forgot supplementing things like b12. Started getting depressed and craving dairy and meat and wondered whether it was the diet.

I still ethically like the vegan lifestyle, but i have no clue how to implement it right without being selfdestructive. I also wouldnt dare put my son on a vegan diet…not sure if it is healthy for a kid.

I now eat organic animal products. I know it isnt the same. But it is what is feasible to me.

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I can’t give up my hamburgers, I’d get depressed. They’re one of the few things the disorder hasn’t ruined for me in some way. I get people who are vegetarians because they don’t want to kill any animals, but proceeding to vegan I don’t understand. There’s so much nutrition in eggs and dairy.

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I rarely eat meat unless it’s mixed with something. I like eggs, cheese, dairy, legumes, and grains. I can be partial to seafood though and fish especially smoked trout.

I was a ethical vegan for eight months.
My mum and I became vegan together after meeting a vegan lady and reading her book about veganism she wrote.

My mum is still a vegan.

I am a wanna be vegan and plan on leaving my boyfriend I adore to become a vegan because he will not “let me” be a vegan.

I stopped being a vegan when I became Muslim .
I was a Muslim for at least a year.
I miss the prayers/praying.
I prayed five times a day and felt so grateful I would cry and I felt so sincere.

I am not a Muslim anymore and I do not believe in that.
Definitely not.

I am not a member of any religion but believe in God my own way and I don’t believe in Hell because I do not believe god would be so cruel and unforgiving which would mean their are people greater than god?more forgiving and loving than god?

I digg Deepak chopras thoughts and books and am more spiritual.

I plan on becoming a vegan in April or probably May if I can leave my boyfriend.

It’s not in my upbringing or nature to be obedient my boyfriend because I love him and don’t want to fight to the extent where I give up my will my dreams desire ,morals etc to be a vegan .

When I stopped being vegan I guess I tried to justify yinyang and a graceful love n comfort n god precsense flowing through animals at slaughter etc but then I’m not taking responsibility or having my moral stand etc

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So I think people who are ethical vegans are more likely to commit because it is in line with their values, whereas people who do it as a health fad will move onto the next thing. Well planned veganism can be healthier than the average Western diet, but there’s nothing special about it as a diet in particular. There are lots of healthy diet like Mediterranean etc. Nutrition information is always changing and there is misinformation going around too. Also people forget veganism is about what is possible and practicable. It’s about doing your best to avoid exploitation to animals. So like sugar and stuff I think most vegans know it’s really hard to avoid sugar and still eat sugar unless they’re on a diet. It’s like as a vegan I avoid products that are tested on animals but I still take my medication that is tested on animals because I need my medication to survive.

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Bunch of posers! (sarcasm… jokingly saying this)

If I had it my way I’d do veganism 100%.

But the best way to go about it (imo) is to just integrate it slowly.

I eat whatever anyone else eats or brings - even if I’d rather eat vegan stuff.

Recently I picked up a seitan recipe that was really good (its a meat substitute) and am amazed at how good it can be. I shared it with the family and they liked it too. Was quite a shock.

There are some things about veganism that would help it push along I think. I’m still going over the facts though.

As for ethics, those issues can be addressed by either the practices changing or other companies coming in and doing things their way with minimal 'cruelty.

With that the reintroduction of eggs and milk into a plant based diet would help make it healthier.

For the most part there is confusion in the information about how to eat a ‘healthy’ vegan diet so it can be stressful and potentially ‘done wrong’.

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I feel like a lot of it is that. And like you said, because of misinformation.

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