Whats ur favorite miyazaki movie?

Mine has to be a trifecta between princess mononoke, nausicaa of the valley of the wind and castle in the sky. I think castle in the sky is my fav. U?

Princess Mononoke :slight_smile: And Howl’s Moving Castle.


princess mononoke. i love the sountrack.

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Spirit away. I like the white dragon.

I’ve just watch the Red Turtle by Ghibli Studio


Howl’s Moving Castle by far, but I love his movies generally. Beautiful and meaningful. I have a bunch of Totoro magnets on my fridge. :grin:


I would have to go with Mononoke and that one that had the bus that was a big cat. Lol. Very cool filmmaker.


Mononoke is the best…I think I will watch it for like the 100th time in a bit. I got triggered this morning and the other day, so I am taking it easy locking myself up in my apartment.

Apparently the lower dose of the beta blocker was preventing getting triggered. Time to ask for more of that medicine. Cannot deal with this getting pissed and agitated at the push of one button.

I relate to the protagonist, being infected with a demon and stuff.

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princess mononoke is my favorite, I love the story line and the art of the such a great film.

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