Thought Princess Mononoke was disappointing , Any other Manga movie suggestions?

I thought Spirited Away was great. Anything else out their?

Howls moving castle, from the same director

Cool I’ll check it out.


Howls moving castle is a good one i think.
I saw lately ‘‘The tale of the princess Kaguya’’ it is considered to be good but i find it little boring.At the beginning it was nice.It has a nice style i think.

Just got the movie gonna give it a whirl…

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Didn’t like mononoke? Damn son

You need help

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Yeah , I thought the animation was poor ( i guess they worked according to their budget and style) and it was just inconsistant , what was the story with the injection of violence into certain scenes , it just seemed out of place.

There’s this one called MIND GAME that was pretty cool

Saw ‘howls…’, it well and truely rocked. I’d say only for the slow start it would steal a march on ‘Spirited Away’. Its a tossup between the 2. Cheers

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Glad you liked it.

Man it looks a bit , ahh , all over the shop , I’ll give it a go though.

Any other one that’s as good as ‘howls’?

Nothing beats Miyazaki movies. I’ve heard My Brother Totoro is excellent too, by the same person.

This one is also a good movie, by the director for “boyhood”

It’s about lucid dreaming, was pretty interesting

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Waking life is awesome, highly recommend

Have you seen Slacker?

No, I’ll check it

It’s by the same director. Very strange movie.

He’s just a trippy dude

Definitely, slacker was really hard to follow the first time I watched it haha