What's up guys?

I’m bored anyone want to chat?

Hello. 15151515151

Not doing so well. But yeah. Lets talk

Hey loke where u from?

Hey did you have any help with the speech thing we talked about yesterday?

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Nothing helps. How are you?

I’m ok… did some cleaning today the flat looks good… :slight_smile:

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I’ll chat with ya. What’s on your mind?

Hey Xena!
I’ve been cleaning today and just relaxing… looking for someone to talk to and pass the time

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I’m from Appalachia USA :us: Where are you from?

Thats cool… I know the appalachian trail is supposed to be beautiful…

I’m from the middle east, someplace very warm :slight_smile:

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I’m currently relaxing too. I’m laying in bed as I type this. Been feeling a little sick with a stomachache.

Oh that’s too bad…! You know what I find can help a stomach ache… scrambled eggs… but that might just be me

My pdoc is from Syria and I really think he’s a great dr.

That’s amazing how people travel the world and find themselves in all sorts of jobs around the world…

Never tried that. I just ate lunch had a chicken salad sandwich.

Yeah. B4 sza I wanted to be a missionary or work with refugees. Or work with immigrants

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What’s a chicken salad sandwhich? I mean I know what a chicken is, I know what a salad is, and I know what a sandwich is, I even know what a chicken salad is… But what is a chicken salad sandwich? how do you combine all three?

You mean like in third world countries? :slight_smile: that’s a noble cause…

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@YayaC. Yes. I just realized that ppl in other countries don’t have the help that we have in the US. So why not help those who cannot help themselves?