Anyone fancy a chat?

On holiday on my own. Feeling lonely. Anyone want chat?

I played online videogames earlier with a friend. I fought with one of my brothers like usually. I boiled corn and had chicken sausages with mustard and toasts. I will have corn soon.

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I never tried chicken sausages. Are they nice? I had a Chinese. Prawn and sweet corn soup and prawn toast. Have sweet and sour chicken and chips for later.

I did a few job applications today.

All the tourist attractions are closed.

Going home Monday.

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Why did u argue with brother?

It tastes like chicken hotdogs, its good with mustard.

My brother keeps eating my protein bars that my mother bought me on special. He’s not even fat and already takes protein powder. He can exercise unlike me. He finished them and my mother won’t buy again unless its on special. Its my only way to stay healthy, eat less and loose weight. I am having one protein bar for breakfast, now I will have to eat unhealthy and a lot.

He also starts by eating the tastier flavour.

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Oh no sorry to hear that. I want to lose weight to.

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That’s annoying. Does he live with you?

I Am Going to Play My Beloved Keyboard.

So, No, I Cannot Join in On a Fancy Chat.

Sorry Gals And Guys!.

:black_heart: :sleeping: :black_heart:

I’m Really Good at it Too. Well…, Not Actually…, Well…, Maybe Okay…, Well…, Ponds?.. :pensive:

Yes I live with my parents and two brothers, I am 30. One is 30 and the other is 25. They make tons of money and won’t go live on their own, its annoying because they keep making fun of my sz calling me stupid. My parents always defend them bcz they’re successful unlike me.

I Haven’t Seen The Group of Turtles at a Nearby Pond in a While Now…, Sad Days… . … :pensive:

Is the one that’s 30 a twin?

Wouldn’t it Be Cool If Turtles Talked Like Frogs?..RIBBIT! RIBBIT!.. . … :pensive:

No, he’s 1 year younger than me, he’s 29 actually.

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Oh right close in age.

Okay…, I’ll Go Now…, Sad, Unglad…, Unhappy…, But!.., Not Mad… . … :pensive:

Hi @Star84 and @Aziz @ATARI

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My problem is that I can’t live on my own, I have addiction issues and problems managing money, my disability money goes into my mother’s bank.

What about you? You live alone or with your family?

Hi! @leafy 15151

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