What's up guys?

The chicken salad is similar to tuna salad. It is put on bread to make a sandwich out of it.

Yea I know what you mean… People in america live a totally different lives than those of many people around the world…!

I see… sounds good… was it like good bread? :slight_smile:

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Yes it was multi grain bread. :bread:

Amazing, it sounds delicious! :smiley:

I had some Hummus earlier… I love that stuff

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I’m so hungry. I don’t have much food in my house. Am waiting for dad to come back with groceries. I pay for them. He just shops for me.


That’s nice of him! :slight_smile:
Where I live we can get grocceries online… it’s pretty easy you just type in what you want and the next day they bring it to you!

I love hummus and it’s so easy to make

Yea… you can get some good Hummus where I live… at home or at a place that sells Hummus…

I love hummus too. It is so good.

Hummus is like a staple in the Middle East. Isn’t it?

Let’s all meet up and have a hummus party :tada:

Xena, where are you from?

Yea pretty much everywhere you go there is hummus…

Florida, USA 151514

Wow I hear alot about florida in the news… you know… florida man this florida man that… :slight_smile: Is it true there are a lot of illegal drugs in florida?

You can come over to my place but it might get crowded :slight_smile:

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I don’t think there is a lot of illegal drugs. Yes Florida always makes it the news for it’s crazy stories. But I can promise you it’s not so bad living here.

I’m sure it’s actually quite good… probably good weather and nice beaches…

My aunt lived in Orlando. She said ppl there pretty much stayed outside all the time

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Yes I love the beaches here. :palm_tree: