Whats the worst you faced?

I was roaming as destitute for 15 odd days. On the bright side now i am a respected employee of an IT organization.

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Keep it up bro…life is beautiful…

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Is today holiday …!!!

Being homeless in the middle of a Canadian winter. Also, when sobering up, one of the things I had to deal with was having lost over $5K of drugs that had been fronted to me by a biker that I was dealing for. Having to own up to that and arranging to pay that off was a butt-clenching moment of terror and then some. The initial year or so after the SZ diagnosis was also hell-on-Earth territory, that is for certain.

Got back into housing, got sober, got medicated, got my past squared away, have had some interesting careers (including IT for a while), and things are good now. The nice thing about having crap in your past is that it definitely helps you through bad days when think to yourself, “at least it’s not like ____ in the past.” That does help.


schizophrenia. It sucks dogs balls but it introduced me to medication.

That is a world of difference.

Other stuff is nothing compared to a psychotic event!


When I had my son they immediately put him on my tummy and I looked down at him I knew something was wrong. I said somethings wrong and the midwife said nothings wrong, they cut the cord and he started turning blue. The room immediately started filling up with drs and nurses all flying around doing stuff. They revived him but had to take him to the NICU. They then told me they suspected I was on drugs and that he had to stay in NICU until the drug tests came back. Well I wasn’t on drugs and I tried to get up to go to NICU to see him and was still numb from the epidural, so I almost fell over. But the nurse decided to get a wheel chair to help me. So after 15 long minutes of being away from him we were finally reunited and I brought him to my chest and he suckled immediately. I knew then that he would be okay and of course the test came back fine. But those minutes without him were the worst I’ve ever faced.

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Yes ofcourse…

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Sri what are u doing …!!!

I’ve been on the street for a period of a few months several times. I ate out of trash cans. I stayed away from the shelters and from skid row, sleeping on bare concrete during the night. I’ve been in jail a few times. The jail in Jackson, TN wasn’t too bad, as jails go, but they fed us almost nothing. The Muskogee County Jail was a different story. I was in isolation the whole time I was there, but it looked to me, from my vantage point, that there were a lot of drugs in that jail. Those guys were just plain psycho. It seems to me that in the past county jails usually weren’t that bad, but things have been going downhill in those places. I haven’t been in any just terrible jails, but I intend to make sure I never see the inside of a jail cell ever again.

Negative psychotic deulsions.

Nothing just staring at things and making least of efforts. lol

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