Lifes been hard, for all of us

Im sitting here dwelling in my depression thinking about all the apartments ive had and had to leave because i thought i was being watched. Also thinking about all the jobs i have just up and left because i thought they had made a deal with hollywood to record me on security cameras.

Its been a freakin rough go. Never settled, never sane. The past two years have been the steadiest years of my life. Ever since ive been medicated things have been Ok. Im living with my parents, who i love so much. I dont work yet but thats ok. My stressors are minimal.

Whats your journey been like?


It was awful for the first three years. Crashed my truck and ended up in solitary confinement in jail for 5 months. Afterwards I recovered a lot and nowadays I’m mostly fine. No more delusions or paranoia, the voices are friendly and easy to ignore, and I haven’t been hospitalized in 5 years.

Biggest negative is my brother got it a year ago. Took him a full year to accept this diagnosis and seek treatment. Also now that he’s sick my support system is busy supporting him, so thank god I’m mostly better and don’t need it as much.

This site has been a real boon.


Im sorry you were in jail. I spent a night in canadas jail when i tried to flee the USA. I had two loaded guns with me. They held me overnight then told me not to come back to Canada.

My goodness. That sounds like a bit of a manic episode. Glad you are ok

Pretty much the same as yours, and im an old geezer. Lost jobs, girlfriends, friends and i lived all over my city.

It’s a rough one, true.

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But yet, still hopeful.

Sounds good, most of the days, yes.

It was before i was medicated.

Yeah. Im not hoping for much these days. Just to have days where i can draw or study. I cherish the good days.


Makes alot of sense. Do you remember whatyou were trying to get away from?

Ive had some pretty bad episodes when i just wasn’t thinking at all and doing strange things. Most of the thingsy mom had to recount to me.

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I was following the clouds because i thought they were alien spaceships. Followed them all the way to canada.

I’m glad your feeling better the last two years.

In my twenties I had voices 24/7 and delusions and constant tense body etc
It was so horrible.

Voices went away thankfully.
After many years.

Things are better for me now too.

I have insomnia and some anxiety just after I take my medication but I’m pretty well otherwise.

Schizophrenia stopped me from doing things that could have been good for me.

The medication makes me overweight no matter how healthy I am or how little I eat and daily exercise.

Things can get better.

The horrible part is feeling hopeless.
I felt hopeless back then.
Hope for better days is a blessing too.

Things can get better.

I’m blessed to get help n support from family too and to have fur babies and a nice place to live and vegan food daily.

Latuda seems like a good medication for me.
Thank you latuda.
I think :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::slightly_smiling_face:


The miedication definitely takes a lot out of us. I struggle with motivation issues and anxiety. Seems like my anxiety got worse when i started APs.

Im glad you have good support. Thats so important. And fur babies! They are the best!

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To be honest, the last 20 years of my life have been a struggle. It started with a head injury from a car accident, then dissociative identity disorder, followed by ptsd, major depressive disorder, psychosis and finally schizophrenia. Sweet!! LOL

But I have to say, it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve met some very interesting people along the way, and held on to my guitar playing through it all. Which really helps


I was a drug addict from about 20 to 25 and living with my girlfriend broke up move back with my parents got kick out, moved into emergency accommodation quit drugs was still working, moved to another place they had a 6 weeks stay then homeless for 2 weeks until I went to another place stayed 6 weeks again homeless then stopped working to focus on somewhere to stay stayed in hostels then moved to a share house after everyone there had to leave was homeless again went back back to the place I started, got housing first temporarily housing went to school tafe and got forklift truck licence try getting a job couldn’t get one, used drugs again for 2 years then quit again, moved into permanent housing still couldn’t get a job for over a decade, went to the gym 7 days a week for 2 years just to do something then got psychotic went to hospital after a year got the disability pension but I was struggling with mental illness for a long time it’s just I couldn’t take it no more


Sounds like a long and rocky road. Glad you made it this far @Crazy

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Jeeze. My uncle was homeless. Thats a tough life. Im sorry you had to do that. Whats your housing like now?


Good I have government housing so I live in a unit just a one bedroom place


Oh nice. I was thinking about applying for that eventually. Im not sure i will ever live alone again though. I get really depressed when im alone.

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