What's the stupidest thing that you have done?

I had a crush on a girl in high school, and i knew her name and i found out her address on the internet and sent her flowers with a note? And sleeping with prostitutes…She must think that i am a creep now!! What’s the stupidest thing that you have done?

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That’s not scary behavior. If she acted scared because of that every guy should stay away from her. She’s a manipulative drama queen.
As for the stupidest thing I have done, it was probably taking 13 Klonopin and 28 Ativan. It wasn’t a suicide attempt. I just wanted to get stoned, and those pills were stronger than I thought. I had to go to the emergency room. I don’t know if they pumped my stomach. Then they took me to the mental hospital on a stretcher.


Do you mean in my whole life?
Or just today?

Todey I did about hundrad stupd thungs and capped it off by embarrassing myself in front of the cute farmacists asistant that I have a crash on.

Oh yeah, I exchanged words with the guy behind me in line at 7-11 when we disagreed on something. Very stupid of me.

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I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life. sometimes, I’m surprised as to how I’m still alive

The most stupid thing I’ve done is probably ending a few friendships when I was going through depression. I told a number of friends that I could no longer be their friends. I miss them sometimes. It isn’t something I think about daily.

Smoke weed everyday


too long of a list to narrow it down to one thing. Mostly I have made a lot of bad sexual choices. I have allowed myself to be used. No self-worth and no back bone. I am very sad, ashamed and regretful. I am grateful that I have been celibate for the last 2 years.


Most embarrassing thing I’ve done…I was in ER with a broken rib. I was using morphine to calm down at home. They gave me a lot of morphine when I was there in ER. I had so much pain. Than I tried to get more morphine prescribed to me.

When I got out the first thing I did was going to the pharmacist around the corner. They had no prescription for me. I got frustrated and angry and tried to make her give me morphine. When she said she could call ER and see what have happened, that’s when I understood they had realized I abused morphine. Prop because I had so much tolerance to it.

Junkhead no.1.

Sold a car to crack dealer. But it wasn’t really mine, it belonged to a Vietnam veteran who was a crack addict that I had met through my connection. I traded the car for 6 pieces of crack. I didn’t have the veterans permission to sell his car and I did it without his knowledge. I pulled this scheme off pretty good until the end of the transaction and the drug deals got a little suspicious and warned me that if this car turned out to be stolen then he would kill me. I didn’t care, I collected my crack and left. Never saw the crack dealer or the veteran again.

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Tell me about it. I am male, and I went out with this woman for four years even though every time I was with her I was counting the seconds until I could get away. She was real sticky. She would have been a great door to door salesperson. I’m not going to go through that again.


If I listed them the thread would be to long :stuck_out_tongue:


stupid thing ive done is drink a botle with vodka take the car and crash it in a stop sign i was 22.

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There are many, I actually created a list of all these stupid things and I keep it in my wallet so that I would not repeat these stupid things … this is a good method, my list, for example, has issues and things from the 1980s that I’ll never repeat, I keep it in my wallet so that I can review it anywhere I am …

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i might try that.

Yes it is. You’re not a girl, so you have no idea how terrifying it is to suddenly realize some guy you don’t know has your home address. Always try a Facebook message or email first, if you don’t want to scare someone off.

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i did a lot of creepy stuff in real-life too, which is why I usually stay indoors. I usually didn’t know they were creepy until the recipients responded, which kind-of sucked. I’ve only come up with a few points as to why some things might seem creepy:

  1. if a man did the same thing to me.
    for example, if a dude sent me flowers and a note, then I would feel a bit creeped out. if the person wasn’t a dude though, i’d find it cute.

  2. anything against the law is usually an indication of creepiness.
    for example, a breach in privacy for finding an individual’s home address online.

I don’t know what is or isn’t creepy, but those 2 rules help out a lot. but if I still don’t know if something is creepy or not, I just refrain and assume it is. better safe than sorry.

I guess so. If he didn’t send them to your home, but had someone else give them to you with a note, would that be scary?

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I was blacked out drunk and tried to drive home. I started to come to and then veered into a light post which totaled the car. I then proceeded to run away and walked home where the cops picked me up. I tried to tell them the car was stolen and I won’t get into what the outcome of that was. I drank for a while after that but I’ve been clean and sober for 3 years now. I’m very ashamed of drinking and driving but I did it a lot years ago. Thankfully I never got into any other accidents other than this one. I could have easily killed someone during any of the times I did it but thank god I didn’t.

I was very delusional and thought I had to swim across a river to overcome some issues. Once I got to the middle of the river the current was sucking me under bad and I needed a plan b, so I swam toward an overpass girder but the river washed me past it. I then saw a railroad bridge platform in the distance and swam towards it with all my might. I then saw a bush growing on the platform and was able with all my strength to grab onto a piece of it. I then climbed up on the railroad platform in the middle of the river. It was sunset and luckily some people saw me struggling in the river. A boat of firefighters came to rescue me then I was in a mental hospital for 3 weeks. The only thing good that came out of the experience other than managing to survive is I got disability.


I guess it would depend on what the note said.