What's the dumbest thing you have ever done?

One time I was in my room, and I looked down and saw a set of keys. I assumed they were my roommates, and I called him and told him I had his keys. He said he hadn’t lost his keys, and he had his keys with him. So I started checking all the locks on all the doors to the apartments in our building. I found out that the keys went to the room of this woman who had left the program. I went into the room, and there were bags and bags of her personal items on the floor. I went up to this one bag and nudged it with my foot, and two bottles of pills rolled out - Klonopin and Atavan. I took the bottles back to my room and took every pill in both bottles - 13 Klonopin and 28 Atavan. I wasn’t trying to commit suicide. I just wanted to get stoned. Those pills were stronger than I thought. When my case manager found me in my room I couldn’t walk. I don’t remember anything after first taking the pills. They to me to the emergency, where I have no idea if they pumped my stomach or not. Then they took me to the mental hospital on a stretcher. I lost my place in the apartments for a long time. That’s a mistake I won’t repeat. That’s possibly the dumbest thing I have ever done.


Dumbest thing I’ve done was take copious amounts of Piracetam, talking a full teaspoon at a time. I went slowly more and more psychotic and manic as I did this, and at one point I had the impression that I was thinking faster than the rest of the world could handle, so I called the cops and just stopped moving on the corner of an intersection and waited for them to handle me.

Then when I was released I kept taking Piracetam and having delusions, thinking I could handle it and lacking the insight to know that I was emotionally unwell, until I was admitted a second time (can’t remember the details of it. Probably had to do with going on a many-hours walk and coming back at like 4 AM.)

I was released, and my mind was in such a fragile state that upon taking 1/4 of a teaspoon of Piracetam I blacked out and attacked my dad with my fists in a blind rage. I was taken to the hospital by force, and admitted to a psych ward for a number of weeks.

So yeah, Piracetam, not even once. Bad nootropic.


There’s not enough letters in the alphabet to describe all the dumb things I’ve done.


You can buy the book at Barnes & Noble. I must warn you, it’s a long read.


Everything I did between 1987 and 1993.


My dumbest thing(s)? Well I was 16 driving to school one morning and I went through a school bus stop sign arm. No kids thank g-d but I got caught and went to court where I lied my rear end off to the judge which needless to say he didn’t buy any of my reasons then got slapped with a hefty fine.

Many, many more but I learned from this one for sure.

Hmmmm…ohhhhh…I know

Once I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend and I was distracted. I told her “sorry I’m not paying attention, I’m looking for my phone”.

Just let that one sink in.

Years later I was on my drug habit and I’m looking around for my weed. And I’m trying to remember where I put it and I couldn’t remember if I smoked it or not. This happened every day. Look for weed, can’t find weed, “did I smoke it?”, buy more weed, lose memory.

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I once paid 350 usd for a pillow… luckily my brain screamed wtf asoon as i walked out of the store and i returned it…


Drunk driving many years ago, but never was caught.
I never did it again.

Many things. I feel i am the silliest dumbo on earth.

Lots of things with alcohol and drugs. I can think of one time I used cooking gin. It was $5 bottle of gin. So nasty. Bad hangover. Throwing up. Day before work I drank it I was 19.

95% of my stories I was 19 in. Weird!!! It was definitely the most significant year of my life so far

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I am a guy who has always liked Opera. One day, on December 1st 2014 (a Monday) I skipped school and escaped from home to go watch an opera in France, another country.
I had planned all this the weekend before. First, I hurriedly bought a ticket to watch L’Elisir d’Amore.
Then, I went to the Renfe website and looked for the schedule of the trains that go from my village to Barcelona. Later, I visited the Estació del Nord website to see what coaches went to Marseille and at what hour it would arrive there.
After doing that, I emptied my school backpack and packed it with stuff I would need for the journey.

Next morning, I took the train and went to Barcelona. Once at the station, I was a bit agitated for the fact that I was 16 and was illegally leaving the country, yet I managed to get the receptionist to sell me the ticket.

After a few hours, I arrived at Marseille and went ahead to the Opera house. I had to wait until the second act to access the theater because I arrived late.

When the opera finished I went to the police station in hopes for them to deport me because I had no money to return. The fact of the matter is that they made me sleep in a center for minors and called my dad to come pick me up from Spain.


Now that is awesome!

The dumbest thing I have ever done was hitting a lamppost because I was angry. Broke my knuckle in two places.

A guy picked me up from behind and dropped me into the canal because I was not interested in him. I was drunk like an ass. I wanted to knock him out after that but realized in my now completely wet, drunken haze he was twice my size. So I made the stupid decision to fist the lamppost. Hard!

Or maybe it was when I bought smuggled liquor. Smelled like acetone. I became really drunk on that crap and fell asleep in the shower after vomiting all night.

The first time I got drunk we were at my friends boyfriends house and I starting crying because I felt like my friend was distancing herself from me. I was like really moody and dramatic and everyone had to cheer me up. I threw up and fell asleep on the couch and apparently I was blabbering all night saying things like “I miss XXXXXXX”. I felt stupid because my friend invited me along with her and her friend the next morning and I was being petty and said no.

My friends boyfriend was really understanding though we talked alot in the morning and he made me pancakes, we chilled then I went home, I felt better. Lol nothing as bad ass as you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not dumb that’s super cool! You just became coolest person on the internet to me! :purple_heart:

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When I was 17 and unlicensed, I stole mum’s car and went driving with my friend in the city. Ran a red light and got t boned whil e t boning another car.

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Traded a car for a crack. The funny thing was that it was not my car, and I didn’t tell the owner that I traded his car. .I never saw him again but I’ve always wondered if that might have pissed him off.