Whats the Longest time you been Delusion Free

I was diagnosed in 2007 been delusion free until 2012, on 12 I had a psychotic break ( delusion) until now there is no sign of coming back. but I live with the fear that it can happen anytime. if I wasn’t hiding my psychosis I wouldn’t worry that much that I might fall into delusion again.

I would love to say I have never been delusional. But recently I was shown that some beliefs I have held for as long as I can remember were delusions. So dare I say never?

I’ve been without delusions for about 20 years now. The last one was that my wife was saying hateful things to me in her sleep that I heard “in her snores.”

If really thinking about it hard enough, and look at the milestones in my life, I’ve never been delusion free, ever.

There are a few that are so deep in my life that they will never leave me. I just have to work around them and keep them as a deep dark belief. Because when I’m tired, they pop up again so quickly.

still waiting…still waiting …still waiting…getting a LITTLE impatient now… just ask the giant bunny next to me !?!
take care


i’d be careful if i were you

I don’t know should I laugh or cry?

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It has been about a year and a half. That is because of switch of medication. I have had four psychotic breaks that have ended in four suicide attempts. I don’t miss them. I am glad with new medication because I am now more awake during the day.