5.5 years psychosis free

Today is the 9th.

I met my first pdoc April 9 2010. So it’s been 5.5 years without a psychotic break. I really can’t believe it. My pdoc told me I’ll definitely have another episode but so far so good :smile:


Congratulations. I’m still recovering from this bitch of an illness.


Wonderful @Ish :smile: congratulations !

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I’m only 1.5 years psychosis free, so if I can reach 5.5 years, I’ll be thrilled.

The thing is you’re really highly functioning to boot.

It was a bit unnerving when you said your psychiatrist said you’ll definitely have a relapse though.

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you are an inspiration for me to “keep on truck’in” thanks


I have been Delusion and Hallucination Free for more than 10 years or so, since my Divorce.

I still get bouts of Paranoia and Anxiety - but for the most part, free from all Delusions and Hallucinations.

I give a lot of credit to my Antipsychotic, Risperdal for this.

Congrats to you @Ish!


I was very angry my pdoc said that but I am happy because I told her where to stick her point of view. She also said I was just average functioning when I asked her if I was high functioning.


Glad you found it unnerving too! I think they can be so arrogant at times.

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At a girl, @Ish!!..

I relapsed last January but have 9 months under my belt. So far so good. One week…one day…one moment at a time. :wink:


My 1st relapse was September 2013 till Feb 2014. So about 1.5 years. I did excellent for the first year after psychosis but not so much for the past 5-6 months


I’ve been 1 year and 2 weeks since I was discharged from my last hospital stint for a psychosis. This is the first time I’ve made it an entire year since being diagnosed without being hospitalized. I just hope it keeps getting better from here.


Do you receive free services from a county doctor, or do you have medical coverage & insurance for the doctor you see?

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That’s awesome congrats

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Free meds however that’s about to change. And free visits to the pdoc however I only need to see one like once a year. I see my gp on a regular basis though.

huge congratulations @Ish

Very cool… and I hope things just keep getting better.

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Im a bit late but still…I cant believe that your pdoc said youll definitely have another episode. What a bitch. Just believe in yourself.


Good news that you have not had any psychosis in such a long period.Everything good will continue for you @Ish

Yes, continue on in your wellness!