What's the first antipsychotic ever?

What was life like before antipsychotics

I read somewhere the first recognised AP was chlorpromazine in the 50s. Story was that the compound was being used in huge doses as an anaesthetic. A doctor in a mental institution tried using it purely as a sedative but they noticed it actually treated the psychotic symptoms as well as sedating.

People started researching the drug and noticed its relationship with dopamine. This paved the way for the typical APs.

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Interesting stuff. So without chloropazine it might never have been invented. I bet you that meds has the most side effects of all

I was not too bad on it. Haldol on the other hand…

Ps just realised chlorpromazine is also called Thorazine. Never knew that - have heard horror stories about Thorazine.

Maybe Minocycline will lead to better antipsychotics.

Isn’t that for negative symptoms? Yeah suppose if new APs could touch the negatives things would be a lot better.

i don’t find any difference when i am on it and when i am off…
its been a month i skipped taking medicine…so far didn’t notice any complications…
my main problem is insomnia,lack of motivation and apathy…
which none of this medicine can really treat…
i might take med soon after seeing gud pdoc…
take care…:pray:

Yeah. It worked for me to make me brush my teeth but I got depressed at the same time taking it

I take chlorpromazine 600mg and it helps me

There are horror stories with the first generation but they have them for second generation too. From what I’ve experienced there is no real difference between the typicals and Atypicals. If they had been released the other way around one before the other they would probably market them to become popular the typicals saying they do the job and effect less of the brain, say that they don’t cause weight gain and diabetes.


That sure isn’t the case with me. There is a vast difference between the typicals and the atypicals for me. Life on a typical wasn’t what I would call life. If they tried to put me on a typical again I’m not sure I could face that. I’d probably choose to live on the street and be psychotic.

My research indicates that the first anti-psychotic, though not recognized, was promethazine. All of these 1940s and 1950s (including Thorazine) drugs derived from a class of drugs called phenothiazines.

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i think they drilled holes in peoples heads and used leaches on people in order to help them, they also thought electrocuting people and cold baths could help from what i heard, it was brutal i think

I used to be convinced that a hole drilled in my head would help. I think caveman physician was my true calling.

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it didnt help at all, people were walking around with holes in there heads just as bad as they were before and the way they drilled it was with a hand drill they turned the bit by hand :frowning:

the electrocutions were a bit like what you would get on death row and the cold baths were horrific filled with ice god knows how they survived.