What's the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia?

No one has ever explained this fully to me…
In some places they say psychosis can be triggered by a disease of the brain…

But I think of psychosis as a spectrum, caused by many things and using sz doesn’t have much benefit as far as I can see…

They got rid of subtypes in the dsm, perhaps the idea of sz should be vanished to the dark ages? Along with insulin shock therapy and immersion baths?


Psychosis is where you lose touch with reality. It’s a symptom of schizophrenia like hearing voices etc.

People without schizophrenia can also experience psychosis.


But what is the mechanisms at play with sz?

How does it trigger psychosis?

We don’t even know how psychosis and sz work, so why differentiate them? Why not say acute psychosis?

I’ve no idea. I don’t know how postpartum psychosis works either.

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Some time i say to myself that i have SchOphrenia with out psychosis… people mock me out of it …poor me…??? What are u upto … @JH85…!!!


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After u finish ur study are u getting any jobs…???

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Maybe or carry on studying if I can get funding to support myself :slight_smile:

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Psychosis is seen in many more conditions and illnesses, I think that long term psychosis or acute psychosis with a risk of relapse might fit the modern definition of sz but I also believe that will change soon.

There is some correlation between neurodegeneration and psychosis (see Dementia, Alzheimer’s etc).
Take in count that some functioning impairment could be seen after some types of psychotic episodes.
There is some correlation between neuro inflammation and some models of schizophrenia.
Thus I tend to believe that brain damage from neuro-inflammation might be behind some sz models and the main reason for psychosis in them.

I like to assume that psychosis doesn’t cause brain damage as some people tend to believe but it is a symptom of it. Sounds way more reasonable than blaming psychosis for everything bad.

I hope that someday we will see a distinction between types of sz and better understand the nature of psychosis. Right now it’s too early to define sz as acute psychosis before we fully understand either of the terms.


isn’t psychosis a symptom of schizophrenia? Where schizophrenia is the actual name of the disease, and psychosis is just a symptom of the disease


Psychosis and it’s ‘side effects’ are the main thing in sz, some say that the only thing, as negatives might be resulted by psychotic episodes

Sz is a diagnosis. Psychosis is a symptom. Not the same thing.


I was thinking of you when I read this thread. I was going to say schizophrenia has negative symptoms while psychosis does not necessarily.

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The question is whether or not it’s the only meaningful symptom of sz as the other symptoms might be derived from it.

As Arturo said far_cry has seemingly no psychotic symptoms but he might be an an exception…al person :smiley:

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Or his medication is more effective for him?

schizophrenia is psychosis. psychosis may not be schizophrenia.

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