Whats the best way to live?

i’ve never really figured this out, i guess i should eat properly and drink lots of water maybe, get some exercise and ■■■■, idk what it is i just keep plugging away at it trying to better myself every day, idk if i achieve that but thats the only thing that keeps me going, its my main goal, trying to reach perfection.

"Progress… NOT perfection." An old grind from AA for decades. And one worth thinking about. (Is there any such thing as “perfection” other than what we have been taught to think it is? Please.)


i think everybodies thoughts on perfection may be different but also very similar at the same time,

perfection to me would be impossible but that doesnt mean i shouldnt try to reach that goal, every time i progress i am getting closer to that goal.

Religions teach us how to reach perfection. You end up excluding other people. They won’t want to know you anymore. My supreme goal had been my mental health but I have had to give that one up. The SZ is too strong and too consistent. I’m 73. I have had to live life one day at a time, eat food that isn’t harmful to my mind or my body, exercise (I ride a bike), take care of my physical needs and make sure I have the right medication. At 73, looking back on my life, I can see the suffering I have undergone and the suffering I have caused other people. The SZ has expressed itself differently from decade to decade but it has always been**there.


Hello @martinhersey1

We’ve all missed you. How have you been?

dali was saying ‘‘dont worry of the perfection, you ll never reach it’’ :slight_smile:

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Happy and healthy

I’ve always focused on far off, over the horizon goals. Life for me was something that would happen in the future. Now my expectations for the future are diminishing. I’m not sad or bitter, though. There are things in my life that make it worthwhile. I am kind of embarrassed about having done so little in my life, though.

I had to learn to focus on what I could hold in my own two hands. One day at a time. One day after another.


I live as minimalist of a lifestyle as possible. There’s really nothing to be doing in today’s age except listening to some fine tunes and just learning to relax.

I mean really, what else is there that we are supposed to do? We all die and that’s when the real show begins - when all the veils are cut loose. I’m just waiting patiently for that day & learning how to accept modern happiness before it all begins.

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I think the best way to live is not to die.

living is surviving, if you cant survive then you are ■■■■■■ basically

I come and go here.