How we should live

It is just a way of saying ‘Hello’ to all of you :smile:. I am a silent reader of the forum and know some of you from your posts.
Now come to the question. My question is, how one should live its life. Do you guys have any formula that you follow in your life? Any philosophical answer, your observation or experience, all are welcomed.

My formula is “show respect to others and don’t hurt anyone”. I try to follow this but I must say it gets very hard sometimes.



Welcome to the forum, and glad you’re posting now.

My basic mantra is “make today better then yesterday, and work on making tomorrow better then today”

I stay on my meds, I go to therapy, I listen to people who are trying to help me and I strive to make my future better then my past.

The biggest thing that was hard for me… yet made all the difference in the world was learning how to ask for help.

I’ve gotten help when I’ve been so out of my head that it’s obvious I need help.

But these days… I’ve asked for help. I’ve told people when I’m not doing well and need a little extra slack. Then when I’m doing well, I try and pay that back. It’s hard to admit when one needs help.


“Continuous improvement” I agree with you. Even trying this can make a difference.

that is such a hard question that i don’t think one answer would answer it,

life is so complicated and especially so for us as we have sz but it can be managed with medication and hopefully that works well for you,

i want to live my life as normally as possible thats why i am looking for a partner to settle down with and i am living independently just now and going to college, church and volunteering which are all things that i consider make me more normal than anything else, i mean i am not just sitting about like i use to over medicated or on the wrong med (it was a negative symptom and i wasn’t just being lazy) now on my new med i have a new lease of life which is something that i thought i would never get.