What's the best thing that happened to you last week?

Mesmerizing dreams. Sometimes I wish I could just dream for days. There’s really nothing useful here on Earth, besides silence & beautiful scenery. This place is more of a resting grounds, and sleep is where I come to actual life.

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You described one earlier this week that sounded amazing. Lucky you, mine are just nonsense day regurgitations.

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I scheduled my research proposal


The score for my biology exam was changed from a 90 to a 98 due to errors in the exam. My baseball team won the division series!


I saw a few leaves falling and walked through them.


Sorry about your pup!

Found $10.00 laying on the ground in our back parking lot.

This past weekend got to kid sit my niece and nephew… low night tide… we got to go star fish watching in the tide pools.


going to church

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Shall e(Y)e Go On (???) ,

Or Is Thus My Personal Paranoia On Such an Insult To Thee Entire Community Here (???)

Mine too! It’s not going so well for them now.

How lucky for them, too, to have an uncle who teaches them how to appreciate these things. :two_hearts:

I spend four afternoons on hiking. My heart feels easier.

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I really hope you feel better soon.

Ok Settle Down @rhubot , Jus Settle Down … ,

Now As You Make Your First Post , You Make a Claim Thaz Something Is Bound To happen as If Every Other Thread You Have Created Turned Into a Circus Feeding Frenzy of Hopelessness … ,

and Then e(Y)e Defend a Community For Tha Whatever Purpose has Been Slightly Indifferent Towards My Threads , and e(Y)e Have yet Claimed , Not Even In One Of My personal Threads Thaz It Was Going To Turn Into a Feeding Frenzy Circus … ,

Altho e(Y)e Do have Proof Of Such … ,

and Guess What @rhubot ,

e(Y)e Personally , Am Naught To Blame For Such … ,

Tha Reason You May Feel “tramatized” (by) My personal Defense of Tha Community , Is e(Y)e Actually Seen Potential In You and You Are Wasting It Away FOR WHAT (???) ,

So Instead Of Blindly Screaming At me With a Whisper Of “i hope you feel better” As If e(Y)e Truly Need Any Help Here With Defending Myself as @Patrick Pointed Out Earlier In One Of My Threads … ,

Instead , How About You Actually Send Some Wisdom Out Here and Pull Some Innocence Lost Hopelessness Out Of Tha Darkness … ,

With You may Need Help With … ,

Cause As You Obviosuly State Each T(Y)me You Talk To Me ,

Is That e(Y)e Need To Be Sent To An Institution Instead … ,

and Jus So You Know ,

e(Y)e’m Naught Going Anywhere … ,

So Thanks ,

But No Thanks … ,

(apologies to thee other thread participators and lurkers interested in thus question its jus when someone screams that an individual needs doctors , trust me its a nightmare) … ,

Defense Isn’t Pretty … ,

Ok back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program …

That comment had nothing to do with you. I talk to many other people here who are not you, and sometimes those conversations go well and sometimes poorly. The comment was just a joking acknowledgement that sometimes things don’t go as planned.

That you think it is about you, and that you think I dislike you, or that anyone else who tries to talk to you, is your paranoia talking, not reality. You seem to be aware of this, but it can be a very difficult symptom to deal with. I’m sorry you’re struggling, and I hope you feel better soon.

What was the best thing that happened to you last week?

What? I’ve never said anything like that at all, anywhere.

Soz Ta Tells Ya Thus but e(Y)e Am Also Apart Of Tha Community … ,

Jus So Ya Know , Ya Know … ,

N E Hoo ,

It Almost Feels Insanely Ridiculous To Even Give You tha Satisfaction Of Answering Your Question After Such An Exclusion Of a Syte Designed For a Sort Of Possible Interconnectedness … ,

OR Are We Jus Naught On Tha Sayme Page (???) ,

Ne Hoo (Part 2) ,

e(Y)e Can’t Remember Last Week … ,

e(Y)e Was In a Coma Once and It Shreds Your Ability To Have Memories …

It Feels As If Thaz Tha NexXxt Step If Anyone Screams Thaz You need To See Your Doctor Or a Doctor …

No, I’m going to see my doctor today, I’m looking forward to it. All anyone means is that, when they’re struggle with an issue, frequently their doctor can recommend something or tweak something to help them. So they hope the same is true for you.

I think we really aren’t on the same page. It happens. People here like you, and they talk to you because they find you interesting. That’s all. I like you.


e(Y)e Sincerely Apologize If e(Y)e Struck OR Strike a Sensitive Nerve In You In a Negative Way … ,

e(Y)e Was Sent To An Institution 7 T(Y)me$ In January … ,


e(Y)e Was In My House With No Connection TO ANYTHING … ,

and Tha Clinic Kept Sending Tha Police To My House … ,

it Was Friggin Getting Scary … ,

Point Is Tha Doctors / Nurses & Counselours Here Have Thee Ability To Frighten Me Down Into Tha Marrow Of My Bones …,

So When Someone Says “DOCTOR!” , e(Y)e Get Very Very Very Very Defensive … ,

Especially When e(Y)e Feel Completely Fine and OR Good … ,

It Feels Lyke a Threat Is All e(Y)e Am Saying …