So how's ur week been?

i’ve had a good week. i’m getting a new kitchen in a week’s time, new cooker, new dishwasher, cleared out the shed, got shelving units for it, had my garden weeded and mown, tidied and cleaned the whole house and voices have been quite infrequent. i’m on a quiet period right now. don’t know how long it will last but i’m making hay while the sun shines. how’s ur week been?


lol nice to hear but for me its like a roller coaster its really hard to kill yourself by dehydration lol and i just realized that the tv was not talking specifically to me. hope your sun shine for ever :smile:


My week was so-so as my paranoia isn’t improved yet. It’s not getting worse though. So I am not worried too much about it. I believe things will get better within two weeks.

I did little work this week, just did some housework and did not spend time on my writing. Finally I had someone installed kitchen door and bathroom door. Up till now the renovation job is done.


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wow you people are grown ups i wish renovation was part of my life lol

Busy. I got 1 or 2 things done.

It’s been horrible, i despise earth and being flesh.

The pain grows and grows, they didn’t get me though, i didn’t know but somehow i did so i didn’t force anyone else into this.

That must be why they put so many of us here, because of the frog in the pot syndrome, before they know they reproduce.

It’s just been so bad, i really hate life and it’s not worth living.

I’ve had a nice week, my husband and I went on Sunday to visit my parents in a small town a three and a half hour drive away. We spent three days there. Monday was my 30th birthday, and it was nice to spend it wit my parents. Then on Wednesday we came home, a little stressed and tired from driving so long, but next day recovered and started working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Since Thursday I’ve been relaxing with a book, doing the puzzle, baking a cake and discovering new trends in headscarf-styling on YouTube, hubby and I been watching some cool videos on there.
So all in all its been a good week :smiley:

It’s been good but exhausting. Lots of stuff is starting to happen and this next month looks like a doozy as far as tight scheduling. I hope I make it in tact.
I hope my sis makes it in tact.

My week’s been pretty good. I helped the SO out in the woods for a couple hours the other day. I swam half a mile at the Y yesterday. I started reading again, finally! Picked up “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss. Started working on a counted cross stitch that I got for xmas last year. Planted seeds in my veggie garden. I hope I’m not going into a manic phase, but if I am I’m paying attention to it. Mowed the lawn. Registered for fall classes, rented my summer textbook, made SO’s b-day card and bought his gifts - clothes so he doesn’t look like a hobo anymore. Cleaned the house, did laundry and caught up on my sz forum.


That sounds like a great week. What veggies did you plant?

A moody book thief. :books: :police_car:

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Reminds me of Farenhiet 451(?) - they’ll come and get you -

What books did you get?

From seed I planted spaghetti squash, summer squash, potatoes, yellow beans, snow peas, mammoth sunflowers, watermelons, radishes, corn, onions and carrots. And from plants I put in head lettuce and 2 kinds of broccoli. I’ve got tomatoes and cukes waiting for the next moon to go in which should be in 2 weeks. Its really too big for me to take care of but my dad helps me and I give lots away to family and neighbors. This year my mom said she’s going to buy me a canning set! I’ve also got a couple of out of control raspberry bushes that I’m not sure of how to control, a strawberry patch, garlic sets, 100yr old rhubarb, and blackberry bushes surrounding my yard.


What a very lucky person. I love gardens.

For any thorny bush you trim back, you most likely want to trellis so they don’t take over a yard. Goats can graze down raspberry and blackberry bushes and it doesn’t seem like the thorns bother them.

Good luck with your growing season…

These people have a great catalogue both on-line and in print, they have canning stuff, lots of books, fun stuff, heirloom seeds, and it’s just a nice fun place. I like their “New and Unusual” section.

I’m just researching pruning the raspberries and am getting all confused about the everbearing and second year cane stuff. I’ve never pruned them before and have no idea what second year growth is. I can tell the dead stuff and the new growth. I suppose I should at least wait until the growing season is over or until fall before I start hacking at them. But then I read that you should prune over winter? So confusing… Baby GOATS! imagine that! so cute! SurpisedJ thanks for the advice! Are you planting anything this year?

I am really sore from working out. I’ve been seeing my friends and family too, started going to AA as a preventive measure for my upcoming 21st birthday, and finally joined the organized powerlifting team at my gym. Good week! I slept from about 1am to 11 and am having my coffee. It’s lazy sunday for me. Much internet, maybe see my family, definitely eat a lot of protein and smoke 12 cigarettes today.

I am a strange black bird with red and white spots.

A Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Strange red white and black bird.