How has your week been?

I know this can be hard to remember but i thought i’d ask everybody how their week has been, i think its good to remember so you can put it all into perspective i think, i’ll go first…

i had my mums dog from Sunday- Wednesday so was taking it out for walks during this time
Monday- i think i went to the clubhouse and helped them wrap presents for teps
Tuesday- i think i took the dog for a long walk in the park and it was icy and i fell on the ice
Wednesday- i went to my clubhouse and attended a pantomime which was pretty weird but cool at the same time,
Thursday- today i went to my clubhouse and helped out

at night i usually go out with my pal Christian and we have a drink, i had the dog out with me at night too as she is allowed in the bar.

what about you guys?

Don’t worry if you cant remember as its natural to forget
but i think you can train yourself to remember more and maybe this post could help you do that,

I hope you don’t mind if i update this every week and i hope others can join and do this too :slight_smile:
it might even spice up our week a little bit :smile:

just remember that i want this to be a positive thing so please keep it cool lol

take care xxx


Sunday- said goodbye to my sister (she’s moving to Kenya in Saturday, so that’s the last time I’ll see her) then went grocery shopping and out for dinner

Monday- we went and picked up two of our old neighbor kids and helped them with a project for their mom’s Xmas gift then made nachos for dinner then took them home.

Tuesday- mostly a lazy day, too the kids outside to jump in rain puddles for a bit. Nurse came over to check out my sore injection site.

Wednesday- psychiatrist appointment, not much else

Thursday- went out for coffee this morning, after naptime we’re heading to the shops to get a new vacuum.

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Sunday - watched Star Wars the last Jedi, drove on freeway for first time
Monday - relaxed and took a trip to town for a drink and down time
Tuesday - went to day treatment, went to mental health class, slept over at boyfriend’s house
Wednesday - slept in, went to another city to sign up for substitute teaching certification class
Thursday - about to go visit a friend for lunch and attend support group
In the mean time working on my slow dieting and online dating and maybe considering joining a clubhouse


It’s a blur to be honest. I was battling increased anxiety that came out of nowhere. Now Ive upped my dose of L-theanine to the maximum recommended dose everything seems manageable again.


Monday- arghhhh anxiety
Tuesday arghhhh anxiety
Wenesday arghhhh anxiety
Thursday - ahh. It’s manageable now.

That’s how my crappy week went.


12-17 = 1hr walk, biceps, watched hockey
12-18 = 1hr run, day off workout, went grocery shopping
12-19 = 1hr run, chest, got my injection, watched hockey
12-20 = 1hr walk, upper back
12-21 = run or walk?, shoulders, watching UN General Assembly meeting on Jerusalem, going to watch hockey
12-22 = run or walk?, day off workout
12-23 = run or walk?, triceps, going to watch hockey

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Same ol, same ol.

ok, so time to update this weekly thread dee dum dee dum lol

ok i will try and remember

Friday last week was the 22rd i think and i think i went to my friend Lauras and gave her daughter a gift which was a pink fairy princess colouring box which i bought for £2 at a car boot sale unopened lol and she loved it and made me a little card with stickers inside and her name (she has just turned 4) and it was very sweet. so i shared a munchy box with Laura then came home.

Saturday 23rd i think i went shopping and got a couple of things from the charity shop including 2 gifts for Lauras daughter and a board game, some cards and little books and a couple of little puzzle books.

Sunday 24th was a good day, i went to communion and then my mums fish tank leaked and blew her electrics so i went over and helped her out, Sunday night i went out at 10pm and had a couple of beers,

Monday 25th Xmas day was good, i went to my clubhouse and we had a Christmas Lunch (stacked) but i left half then i asked if they had any spare crackers and they did so i took them then after that i picked up my mum and went to my sister where we had dinner and then played a board game then home.

Tuesday 26th i picked up my car that i left at my sisters and went into the clubhouse where i played some games, came home and then i invited my ex over and tried to make up, then when she left i think i had a nice relaxing bath before bed.

Wednesday i think i went to the clubhouse again and at night i went to my friends and we had a drink

Thursday i went to the clubhouse and played scrabble then i went and did my tep (cleaning) they let me go early so i went to my friend Lauras and we were having a good time and i love playing with her daughter, we had pizza too.

Today… i wrote about it in the other thread What did you do today? :slight_smile: xxx

I have been off work all week and trying to find ways to fill my time.
Sunday 24th - Church, breakfast out, and then watched the local professional football game on TV with a friend.
Monday 25th (Christmas) - Church, then brunch at my brother’s, opened gifts. Then watched football.
Tues 26th - dental appointment for a routine filling.
Wed 27th - met with my social worker. Later, I had dinner at a friend’s house and then watched some TV.
Thurs 28th - saw a professional about my sore neck, picked up my car after repairs, cooked brownies, then attended a large family holiday gathering.
Friday 29th (today) - the only thing I did all day was get an MRI (previously scheduled) of my painful neck. I slept most of the day.

I have had perhaps 3 or more hours a day with nothing to do and I have been taking naps. I am not too happy about this.


Off. I spent most of my nights wide awake and most of my days fast asleep. I hope to turn that around next week. or starting this weekend.

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7 days.

I had some good hours.

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sounds like a good week (i think) :slight_smile:

@SkinnyMe good luck gina xxx

@77nick77 do you remember anything about your week? :joy::rofl:

I forgot to add that i went to a carols by candle light service on Christmas Eve at 6.30pm which i thoroughly enjoyed.

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Sun (24/12)- Had breakfast with Dad, relaxed myself at home

Mon (25/12)- Had breakfast with Dad, relaxed myself at home

Tue (26/12)- Worked,

Wed (27/12)- Worked,

Thu (28/12)- Worked,

Fri (29/12)- Worked,

Sat (30/12)- Worked, prepared my emotional first-aid kit

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I had a pretty good week. Some serious struggling at times, but it could have been a lot worse. I don’t think I can remember it all like what I did what day or any of that. I have successfully cut down on smoking this week which is amazing. Spent time with family a lot. Spent time writing and doing some research. Can’t remember what else.

Hey @Resilient1 what is the clubhouse?

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its a place i can go for support and to help out, and it opens a lot more doors for me like if i want to try and do some work, i think its great, it has a kitchen and a cafe and there is always things to do, meals to prepare and dishes to be done etc etc


Huh, interesting! Sounds cool. Glad it’s helping you!

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i’m lucky i stay so close to it, its really the only one here except for London i think and they have them in America and Canada too, idk about else where.

my weekly round up if i can remember

Sunday i went to Communion which i enjoy and then to my mums, next day was new years dinner and i had to eat steak pie and i had some alcohol so tried to sleep it off but coudn’t and just left Tuesday morning, had a chilled day Tuesday and ended up going back to mums and getting my mums dog until Saturday then Wednesday came and i took the dog out and went for coffee and then went to my clubhouse where i helped out a bit, Thursday was the same and then Friday was the same but at night i met up with some friends and we went out and had a bevvy then back to my flat, Yesterday was very nice as i took mums dog back and then went to this wildlife centre with my friend Laura and her daughter and we went for a walk up to a waterfall and then back to my flat bc i was knackered then over to her flat and ordered pizza and watched a comedy :), today i’m going to a service and then to my mums i think.

My week has been ok. Figured out that I was delusional and now I am fighting it.

Been a good week. Sunday had last drink of beer. Monday -Sunday no alcohol and a lot of exercise.

Doing surprisingly well with it. Haven’t really had any cravings but been drinking tons of water so not eating as much!

All in all a good week for me!


checking in…

Saturday- i had a great day with my friend Laura and her Daughter as we went to a nature reserve and saw a waterfall and other nice things, after they came back to my place and then i took her back home and ordered pizza and watched a comedy show,

Sunday- i went for coffee then to the family service and then i went to my mums.

Monday- i left very early and drove to my Training and met some very nice people, i did 6.5hrs and then drove home with a headache, took pain killers and got a chicken chow mien for dinner.

Tuesday- I drove into training again with a headache and managed to read a policy and completed some paperwork on it then drove home and had a coffee, then made dinner and found out my nephew was going out for a birthday dinner so i went with them and had a nice cream soda float, cracked a few jokes.

Wednesday- i had a day off and went to my clubhouse where i attended a few meetings but i was really tired the whole day, at night i went over to my friends and helped him connect to the internet etc,

Thursday- i went to training again and it was ok but i was a little stressed and i was worried about something and asked if it was ok and they helped then i got a password for something, drove to my mums and my thermostat stuck which i need replace, had dinner at my mums (as the engine cooled) then home

Today- i had coffee with friends and lunch and collected a parcel which was a vr headset and i tried it, phoned my clubhouse and then phoned my place of employment and discussed why i couldnt attend today, i have now received a written schedule about my training which i am happy about.

sorry its so long but i’ve a really long and stressful week which has pushed all of my boundaries to the limit but i have coped thankfully, just been worried about hours and pay and not breaking the rules etc etc.

i have also found that writing these things about my time during the week gets easier as you keep doing it, my memory has improved because of this weekly exerpt of my life lol,

feel free to join in anytime, any day, take care :slight_smile: