What's the best job u ever had

Mine was when I did a temp job at Burton’s Biscuits. There wasn’t much to do but test the biscuits And drink tea

The best job i ever had was my first job i ever had. I worked 3 shifts the work was interesting and dynamic and i got along with coworkers. I was fired a year and a half later. I guess they weren´t satisfied with my performance. Oh well. It was my first job and i wasn´t experienced so i forgive myself. Maybe i could work there again sometimes i don´t think i burned my bridge there im sure id be able to keep a job now.

Yes it’s hard to make some employers understand people with schiz. It’s hard to get them have faith in u again. Sadly I can’t do paid work one but I keep eye out for a few hours a week. Not much out there but I keep hope

I don’t know if it was the best because I got minimum wage, but being a college tutor because it was easy. Made my own schedule. Wish I was qualified to get those high paying tutor jobs that pay $30 an hour. My friend had one. I’m actually thinking about studying for the SAT so I can be a tutor and make $20 an hour. I feel like I need adderall to do this.

I used to work as a security guard. I t was rhe best job I ever had. The job was so easy and I was able to put in long hours, 60-70 hrs per week. There was nothing demanding of mr and I would be able to read newspaper after newspaper and listen to the radio.

The job would be even better now with the internet able to be accessed.

Money for nothing (and chicks for free) :smiley:

Easy, an engineer for a bank. Heavily involved in the introduction and integration of a new system.

Age 22-24, worked as a Security Officer for ~24 hrs per week. I got to enjoy lots of free-time at my main job, and the side jobs at theaters I would sometimes get to enjoy the live event. Sometimes the crowds were quite lo-fi and everything worked out on its own just fine. It was all in Milwaukee.

It’s a toss up between being a corpsman in the military and a rodman in a surveying crew. One was indoors and the other outdoors which I liked the most seeing different parts of the city. But i did like to travel when I was in the military. I did not like being indoors all day and not see the sun.

Thank you for your service

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Working for my dad, as a detailer at an auto body shop.

I took a semester break from college and worked in a children’s home. Compared to the stress of school, it was a breeze.

Currently living is the best job I have.

Translation for the neive = It was all a bunch of ■■■■■■■■.

my current job, I work sales for the paper. running a close second is working an auditing job for the film industry.

The one I’m currently in it’s amazing. Having good coworkers that I get on with really helps

Park Ranger for two years. I worked by myself patrolling parks on foot or in a truck. it was my best job but it actually wasn’t that great. It got boring a lot of the time because there was a lot of sitting around. I also had to clean restrooms and empty garbage cans. But it was still a cool job to have.

My janitor job now isn’t bad. It’s a little harder now that my back is messed up but it’s still the easiest job I’ve ever had and I’m relatively comfortable with doing it.

I was domestic violence counselor for women. I found it fulfilling, I was able to see the immediate results of my efforts, and was the first time I realized I could be a contribution to society.

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Leading people out on trails by horseback. I got paid to do what I love, riding horses.

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Recently: babysitting for $20 per hour 6-8 hours weekdays

Short term: riding assistant, made $800 for working there for most of the summer

writing articles and being paid