For those who have worked, what was your worst or most hated job?

I’ve had so many jobs over the past couple decades that it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

From summer 2003 to summer 2004 I worked weekends as a nightwatchman-type security guard. I was fresh off my first psychotic break (March 2003) and had another one while I was working there (Oct 2003). It was so lonely and boring, and I made just slightly over minimum wage. I went in at 11 pm Friday night and was there until 5 pm Saturday (18 hour shift). Then I’d work noon to 11 pm on Sundays.

Another one that comes to mind was the brief time I worked as a seasonal employee in a department store, fall 2012. It was a nice store, similar to Kohl’s, but I was treated like absolute ■■■■ by my coworkers. I was miserable there, too.

I’ve had recent jobs that didn’t work out, such as the hospital and the foundry, but I consider both of those to be good jobs.

So, what was your worst or most hated job?

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Did we already do a thread like this recently? I’m not sure, my memory is ■■■■.

I always liked working


My worst job by far was working as a ophthalmic assistant for SATAN.

I was in school and it paid pretty well, but the doctor was such a dick,

Its difficult to put into words how awful he was.

He refused to spend more than 2 minutes with each patient, if he did, you were in trouble,

He insisted on playing contemporary christian music through the sound system,

And he never made eye contact with any of the employees, like we were beneath him.

It was and will always be the worst job I’ve ever had,

No one could be worse than him.


i once worked in a barrel recycling factory for 3 weeks when i was 15.
it was 10 bucks an hour.

I had to take burning hot barrels off a conveyor belt that went through the fire furnace. we had to remove the lids and toxic fumes would spew out of it.

We had no masks, just kevlar gloves which barely did anything to stop the heat from burning your hands.

Then the barrels had to be stacked 3 high. one on top of eachother vertically, each barrel weighed atleast 50 pounds.

We called that area “the Black Tunnel” as it was in a black tunnel. it was probably more than 40 degrees celsius in there, since it was like 35 celsius in the summer and the heat from the furnace and burning hot barrels.

Also stacked hot barrels 3 high in a 40ft truck trailer, some italian guy barking at you the whole time while rolling barrels at you to stack up until it was full.

the boss told me “This is why you go and get a good job.”

I certainly learned the meaning of hard work there!!

I also picked blueberries 10 hours a day and made between 30-40 bucks a day for that in the heat.


The last thread similar to this one that I’m aware of was regarding the best job we ever had.

My memory sometimes sucks, also.

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Oh, that’s right, that’s what I was thinking of.


It sounds really awful.

oh yeah it was outragaeous lol

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Furniture warehouse in New Orleans was my first job in receiving. Busting down 300lb furniture out of shipping containers. In Louisiana heat with all these monsters around me throwing pieces around calling me some interesting things. Luckily I couldn’t understand most of the accents but it really was a tough job!


I was a hawker for the San Diego Padres baseball club for one day. Hawkers are the guys who carry merchandise in a cart supported by a sling. It was 75 lbs. Bigger guys excelled at it and made commission but I had trouble walking around with it. I think it paid $9 an hour and I spent it on getting a massage.

Worst full time gig was working as a field rep for a well known health b3verage company. 50% of the job was driving to locations to speak with managers to ensure our product was stocked. As a person with sz, it was extremely difficult. I didn’t make it past the three month probation.


Black ba hagcj jacka

i worked as a waiter in a bar when I was 16 to 18…it ass an awful job…I dropped the rtay once or twice plus I was treated badly by staff on occasions…one bar staff grabbed me by the throat threatening me…also one guy treated me badly when I struggled to do something…

the one good thing about sz is I don’t have to work with as*holes


I worked overnight (third shift) as a security guard


My worst job really sucked but it’s where I met my husband so it wasn’t all bad. It led me to a really good home life.


Worst job I ever had was an I.T. job in germany. I was told it was for 6 months but it became clear I’d been lied to and the job was for only a month. So I left after a day.

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McDonald’s… Left after three days…

I hated selling magazines over the phone.


Selling magazines over the phone. That sounds horrible

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Yeah it wasn’t fun. The stupid company had us calling people at their jobs to sell them subscriptions.

I liked working on the farm and having to deal with cow poop much better.