What's on your mind?

I just took some Phenibut to unwind and im just laying in bed, thinking out loud.

What’s on your mind at the moment ?

Will my ear ever stop ringing, I’ve had tinnitus for the longest time, also how much I hate certain people that I need to let go of, I’m working on it, but it takes time


I tired to sleep for an hour. Mind was racing. I’m glad I can think. But I’m not glad I can’t relax enough to just sleep.


I just moved, finding a new endocrinologist, pdoc and gp doc, just nervous, I have grown to dislike all hospital/medical based activities, on the bright side this is the longest I’ve gone without a trip to the emergency room and a new medical diagnosis since 2016.

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Stressed out worried about being delusional.

I’m thinking about starting my new job on Monday. Look forward to it, but i’m a little nervous.

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Didn’t sleep well, keep catching things out of the corner of my eye.
Having the doubts about things that are important to me.
Maybe all just a bad night.

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