What's it like to be poor?

This is how it is when you’re broke “I have enough money left over to buy uber eats once, but have no left over money to spend, thank goodness I get my clothes on eBay used and walmart for cheap, maybe I’ll buy some lotto tickets, ope the hot pockets ready” again this is a post to give a laugh.

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No, that’s not poor. Poor is sleeping on the streets in the winter, living in fear of other homeless, and eating out of garbage cans when security isn’t looking.


This is just to make people laugh why so serious? I’ve been homeless before you got nothing to prove to me mate.

I found nothing humorous about it. Still have nightmares involving it.

Ok, I’ve been through traumatic shite, if you don’t like it don’t read it man it’s a forum.

Plus you’re the one who brought up homelessness, if it’s so traumatic why bring it up?

No fighting. 151515