Might be poor but

It has made me appreciate every little thing I get more. I value everything just because I never know if or when I will get something.

Today a local church was giving away winter coats and gloves/hats. They didn’t just give to kids, they had adult coats too! I was thrilled to get a new coat. It is gray on the outside, waterproof shell, and fleece on the inside. Has a hood, too. I haven’t had a hooded coat in years.

They served soup, too, so that was lunch for the whole family.

We use the good pantries and you can bet I really do appreciate everyone who donates. It makes getting through the month a lot easier.

TL;DR: Basically…I might be poor but it has taught me value and appreciation.


When you don’t have much and you come across something nice for free…what a feeling.


I’m happy you’re eating well, and got a nice new coat too!

Take care. :slight_smile:


awesome to hear. I hope thing keep going in a good direction for you as well.


I just get by, but I’m ok, I’m older and really don’t need anything or want much.

Glad you got a new coat, sucks not to have a good one on a cold day


Glad to hear you got the new coat @anon4362788. I also have learned over the years to appreciate what i have.


I have the same sentiment. I remember when i was struggling on our hideous form of welfare here (it is 20% below the poverty line so you can imagine how horrible life is if you’re stuck on welfare) and how difficult it was just to buy the very basics. Buying enough food was always a struggle, living in a run down place that flooded every time it rained, etc. Now, however, things have definitely improved. I no longer live in poverty, but my experiences from living in poverty has made me appreciate everything that i have. I’m a lot more content that i used to be.


you make my heart sing

I love the feel good stories

your’e totally unspoiled

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These stories remind me of how important it is to give generously to legitimate charities. Those who have should give of their abundance.

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I choose individuals in need, like an Angel Tree, at the holidays

I like choosing about a 9 year old girl in need, and giving her tons of gifts.

I hope to this year.


I wouldn’t have been alive today if it wasn’t for charity. There’s a thing called “The heating room” where people in need can come by and have a meal, they’ll even pack you a few sandwiches for later.

When I was at my poorest, I went there 5 days a week. I would have starved to death without them.


My kids are on the tree this year.

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I’ve used it too, and one church we went to did Secret Santa

that’s what I always told my kids, not that it was charity.

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I hear you. We make use of these things as often as we can - it really does help take away some of the burden.

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