What's it like being rich?

This is how I imagine a rich person sounds like, “oh my oh dear, should I buy the bmw or the mercedes? Well it doesn’t matter because I don’t drive I have a chauffeur, it must be hard to raise children I have a nanny for that a hahaha, can you imagine not having your own personal chef? My goodness think of all the peasants cooking for them selves, it gives me shivers”

Sounds like a problem worth having.

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I read somewhere that the wealthy are only slightly happier than the middle class. When I spent a year at a private psychiatric hospital in Dallas there were several people there who had trust funds. They were very wealthy and very miserable. Money doesn’t solve all your problems.


I’d like to have their problems.


The nanny chauffeur stuff is so cliche.

Most millionaires don’t do that. They’re just householders without money problems.

This was a post meant to give a chuckle, everyone alive on earth has problems, maybe I’ll do one making fun of poor people, but then I’d just be narrating my day to day lol.

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Would you want to be the richest person on earth but have a deadly cancer?

I’ll settle for 20th richest with hemorrhoids. No need to be greedy.


Sometimes I deal with people who have lots of money with my Landscaping business.

I don’t judge them really - there is no point in getting jealous of them. They still have problems like everybody else.

What you’re characterising is ‘old money mentality’, there is also the “New money” who I find are much more down to earth than those with trust funds or still living off the profits their families made off things like slavery etc, which is the kinda rich person you’re describing

Like I said before it was a joke post.

It’s not a joke - I have worked for people who’re exactly how you describe!

I don’t think this is going anywhere and it leads into politics anyways.