What's disability looking like for you guys?

I’m currently 100% VA for paranoid schizophrenia and that comes out to a hefty sum every month and I have social security at about $1200 a month. By the way if this post makes you uncomfortable in any way, just don’t reply. I don’t mean to brag or bring attention to myself, I’m just curious if there’s other programs out there that I can apply for, because my VA disability is not set in stone for good. So please don’t think I’m conceited and throw a tantrum about how your mad at me and ■■■■, just trying to figure this out. Thanks!

Damn buddy. I’m living off of a fourth of that.

This isn’t a bragging thread at all

I know I’m fortunate for now, and I live with my folks. There is a good chance that I will be taken off my VA disability though, so I wanted to see if anyone knew of other programs than social security.

I don’t think there are any. I don’t see why they’d take it away.

I should have signed up for the army/armed forces. I think even back then though I knew it would drive me crazy.

It wasn’t too bad honestly, but they take it away if I miss one of the hearings for disability compensation, which I did. Ergo, that leads me to believe they are going to strip me of my disability soon.

That’s probably like missing a review.

I was denied at 3 levels. Got a remand hearing in the near future. My ALJ only has an 18% approval. I’m a single mother (both parents murdered/siblings living out of country) with nothing, and living off my 90 year old grandfather’s offerings with schizo, GAD, major depression and a couple personality disorders. Hopefully my ALJ won’t be such a pill next time…or retired. He’s about 150 years old.

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Yeah I imagine that it would be similar.

I’m sorry to hear that, I’ll pray for you. I honestly know what it’s like to get denied, I got denied 2 times from social security, and it took me 2 years to get my VA disability.

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I updated the post for those who thought I was trying to brag. Listen, I am losing this disability so who cares anyway. Just trying to be respectful of other people in this forum, and not upset people’s feelings and all.

Thank you Bobifier. I’m trying hard to think that it wasn’t right for me at the time and place to be approved. Maybe I’ll be blessed next time I go before the judge.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a pity party. Just sharing my personal experience, so other’s know how difficult it is. I’ve been fighting for over 2 years.

I don’t feel comfortable posting my stats online, but let’s just say what I’m making is currently considered “poverty” level. SSi isn’t much, but y’know what…? I don’t care, as I’m more than satisfied with this income.

I’ve learned to budget real tight. I’m going to be doing so well in 2016 that I’ve planned to start donating my money away in small increments to stay within the “asset limit” for SSi recipients, which for whatever reason is $2,000. It seems odd that you can’t have more than $2,000 lying around in an account or in cash. That’s too restrictive, to the point that I will have to donate it.

I understand that it’s a struggle, and maybe the answer lies with a lawyer. If you get a lawyer, he’s entitled to something like 20% of your back pay or $6000 that’s only if they win. You should look into it.

I hear that, I will soon be on just social security, so I need to learn budgeting. Thanks for sharing though man!

I’m gonna talk to my doc soon and see what my options are! haven’t applied yet, I had a full time job.


I’ve got a lawyer who is very thorough and efficient. It’s the particular judge that’s the issue. If you aren’t rolled into the hearing in a freakin’ coffin, this judge will deny you, pretty much.

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Im sorry of I trigger for some but I really believe that everyone is going to be screwed pretty soon not just people on benefits.

So if you get screwed you might take some comfort in knowing that you wont be alone.

If China devalues the yuan one more time which they eventually will the whole world is screwed,it’ll probably start WW3.

Definitely look into SSDi or SSi. If SZ feels like a full-time job because of its symptoms, you deserve compensation. Hell, if society were more fair in general I would doubt SZ would even exist.

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