Super worried about gettin taken off disability

When i first got on disability i was given a three year review timeline. Ive run into so many deserving people who have been denied and i got approved the first time. I was in the hospital alot then but now im like a normal person the only symptom i have is lack of motivation. Should i be worried? I feel dependent on disability now i dont know what to do

Im high functioning and have been on disability for 21 years. Sz is a serious illness and those who judge your case would likely try to prevent your relapse


How did your reviews go?

What ever happens, happens. If you get reviewed, state your case and be honest. Schizophrenia is pretty disabling. Are you sure that is your only symptom? After being on these forums for years, I can’t remember too many people who have schizophrenia, who only have one single symptom. It’s
a huge symptom but are you sure that’s your only one? If you have a disease that prevents you from working, then the people at disability will consider that, and they will consider the hospitalizations. I don’t think any of us can guarantee what the outcome of your review will be, but having schizophrenia is a big deal.


My reviews went fine. I was honest. I expressed i could work part time, which i could at times, and i also expressed full time work would overwhelm me and the docs mustve agreed im disabled…
I’ve been sz since my teens and i was capable of part time work throughout at points but currently i don’t think i could even keep up with that… I volunteer a bit now

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I’m afraid of the same thing. I’m afraid that if I got cut off from disability I might not be able to get back on it. Like you, I’ve been hospitalized numerous times, and that will help to keep me on disability. I’ve thought maybe I could be a night custodian some place, but I don’t think there is anything else I could do. In the past, living on the street hasn’t been that terrible for me, but I haven’t done that more than a few months at a time. It might get really bad now that I am older and less able to defend myself. Also, I could get sick while on the street. That’s happened to me once before, and it didn’t feel good.

Yea I feel the same way I hope they don’t take me out ft it because I started working part time .

that’s the thing…if you work, you get reviewed…I’m terribly dependent on my disability and can’t work so I haven’t had a review in many years. good luck. I wouldn’t worry about it.

My reviews were set at 5-7 years. I have only been on SSDI for 18 months so I don’t even have Medicare yet. I plan on trying the nine month work trial before I get reviewed. If I don’t make it I feel that’s pretty solid evidence to pass a review. That’s one way to look at it I guess.

if you have a medical history of doctor visits that have mandated that you stay on medication and you have spent your money in the ways mandated by the agreement with social security to give you disability benefits… (if you have successfully gotten through the annual review where you report your spending)… you’ll be alright man. You are technically disabled and recognized as such permanently by the government unless proven otherwise.

so uhh… you are dependent on pharmacological meds and doing well… good ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ all around man… that’s how it should be.

relax dude… be honest… and you’re going to be alright.

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It’s possible to work and collect Social Security. I’ve been doing it for decades. I collect it because I have tried to support myself without any SSDI and I failed miserably and needed to get back on it. So just because you’re working it doesn’t necessarily or automatically mean that you can’t collect Social Security.