Odd smells

hi, I have a question about something pertaining to schizophrenia and odd smells. I have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia because I am waiting for a chance to get psychologically tested when I hit the legal age to do so without conflict. But basically here is my issue. For quite a while this year I have been getting random phantom smells. And they don’t just stay for a day and go away forever. No. They stay for weeks at a time. I’m the only one that can smell these smells and allot of times I believe it’s like almost there. Sometimes they are disgusting and so bad that I throw up because I suspect I smell it everywhere. Could smells be a part of schizophrenia? I am unsure till now if I am schizophrenic but could this be a major revealing symptom? I apologize for posting this in the diagnosed section but the unusual beliefs section seemed the most right place to put this topic. Thanks.

what do you mean?..

long story, read my first thread topic. tho i wish someone would answer the question on this topic cause actually I feel sick right now tbh. i just want to know if i can make the smells go away and if it is part of schizophrenia?

can you make the smell go away with a real smell like food or cigarette? if not well good luck to you and i think its schizophrenia if not you wouldn’t be here lol good luck and my prayer are with you

I think it is. I read somewhere that your brain can make up smells. I’ve had it happen to me before, but nowhere near the level you are at.

man this sucks. i wish i tried smelling everything yummy like body sprays and stuff. I tried smelling good bakery goods. Nothing is working. It’s just so frustrating because since i’m not diagnosed idk what the heck is going with me.

dont stop yourself with diagnostic your know whats going on. A word wont change anything

It sounds like synesthesia to me. It can be with SZ but not so often. It’s just an overlapping of senses.

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I remember one time in particular during my “psychosis”.

Not long after seeing the alien i smelled it.

Burning, very thick deep burning.


They can make us smell things if they want, all of our senses are like code in the brain and codes can be put in there, it really sucks, i mean holy ■■■■ it’s soooooooo fuckkkkinnnggggg wrong.

I think if you can hallucinate seeing and feeling things then hallucinating smells would make sense too. Sorry they are not nice smells.

Yes, I am SZ and I have had phantom smells follow me for ages. Our brain is cross wired and others have mentioned this happens to them as well.
Sometimes I will smell stuff that isn’t there. Mine is usually house fire smoke.

no actually here is where your wrong. I have an idea of what’s going on. I have no definite diagnosis of what is happening to me. I suspect I have SZ not I’m SURE I have SZ. I am not a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist who has the education and the experience to diagnose myself with SZ. a word does change everything when coming from a professional in this field. because that word will allow me to get proper treatment and medication. I can’t just “assume” that I have SZ, I have to be diagnosed.

I experience this, but not constantly… They come and go. I also experience not being able to smell real smells as they should smell.