What's a Random Smart Thing You've Done

Let’s be a little more positive here. Schizophrenia is a terrible disease but it doesn’t mean you never did anything smart. The smart thing i did was forgive those who did me wrong because I could remember doing them wrong.


Decide to get married to my husband, despite having gone through 2 divorces. We’re going on 12 years strong now and have 2 adorable kids. Best decision of my life.


Nothing special on my part.

Best decisions of my life were made either by parents, or by other people. Like, picking a high school and later a career path. Or choosing to move abroad (my girlfriend at the time found a nice opportunity, which we took). Or stumbling upon a good AP on which I’m doing well.

My own list of good choices pales in comparison.
Here’s one:
I told mom “let’s take care of this ferral kitten” back in 1994 and that was the beginning of a great 15-year-long companionship.


I was watching my niece and nephew. They started saying some stuff and I guess acting out a little. I told them I was going to tell their mother what they said when she got home. It almost made me crack up at how fast they quit and resumed their activities. Those kids are great though.


I have 10 videos on youtube that have crossed 1000 views. My channel is growing slowly but it excites me.


I forgot about this but It was sometime before 2011 cause I still lived with my mom. I was on this forum back then and someone mentioned this thing called the Einstein quiz. I said you know what I’m gonna try it. The first attempt I realized I had made a mistake and had to start over. I ended up solving it that second try. I felt good about that. Just looked it up it’s called the Einstein riddle.


What’s the name of your channel?

I have a channel too but not so many viewers.I have eight subscribers.

I follow some other schizophrenics on YouTube.

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Drive interstate to sa with my x boyfriend.
It was a pretty peaceful perfect home and family and I loved it and was happy.
I left to become vegan.left those loved most to be true to myself.

Become vegan.

Get aged care certificate before I die because I was studying while I had cancer determined to get it before I die.unfortunately i don’t work with it.

Save my fur babies life.she is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Listen to affirmations, life coaches and new age spirituality stuff .


Took control of my life and started fresh somewhere new

Learned to manage my symptoms instead of running from them

Learned to knit, it helps a lot with restlessness and stress


Moving into my sisters duplex in 1995.
I was living in a board & care home before that. I was doing really good last my job at that time. I had a friend and I inspired him to get a job and he moved out of the board & care before me and inspired me to move out and live on my own. My sisters roommate had moved out suddenly and my sister offered to rent me a spare bedroom. It was the perfect time and I ended up living there three years. I paid $300 a month rent and half the utilities and did my share of cleaning.

Another smart thing was getting the park ranger job. In 1998 I had quit my job unloading trucks and joined a day program. I went there four days a week; we had groups and classes and fun activities and socialized. After I had been there as year, one day this woman counselor walked up to me and showed me a classified ad she had clipped out of the newspaper. A company was looking for a park ranger and she thought I should do it. I thought it was too good of a job for me and I was a little leery of applying but she pointed out that it said they would train so I applied. I got the job and next thing I know I’m cruising around the park in a company truck in my uniform with my walki-talki. I ended up staying there two years.


Quit smoking and never drank daily even though being incredibly drunk helped back when had voices.


Started Geodon again, it may destroy my body but at least it keeps my mood in check.


I’d say for myself going back to school and getting my associate of arts and associate of science degrees.

I only had to take a science class with a lab for both degrees and I got a C in it.

Now I can transfer those credits anywhere.


I think every decision I ever made was bad.

It’s OK to assume that. I know the voices can make you think that way. But one thing you need to know. No decision you made led to the voices.

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yeah whats ur channel? mines about chess but i only started a week ago and have 4 subscribers