What's a possible explanation

for these cameras watching all day?

It’s your illness

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There are no cameras?

No cameras. No show. Nothing is going on.

It’s your affliction telling you otherwise.

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I wish that was true. But i am sure they’re watching. Don’t you ever get this feeling?

A little bit of narcissism is a good thing…it advances your career and gives you confidence in this world.

Too much, however and your brain overloads. Let me ask you this. What makes you so special that untold millions of people are focusing all of their time on you??

I went through the same thing. Logic won the day with me…I hope it also will for you.

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I am the greatest Buddha, schizobuddha.
Logic doesn’t help.


You are not SchizoBuddha. You’re simply a nice, thoughtful person. And there are no cameras on you and nobody knows or cares who you are.

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I like your posts cos they are kind and full of insight.
Should I call my psychiatrist?

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You could ask for a medication change/ upgrade and see what your psychiatrist says.

It must be awful everyday believing you are being filmed and the subject of some global intricate play. Perhaps your Doctor can help you.

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If my whole life is a lie, i have to die

Maybe you have a lot to give to the world, but people don’t listen to you. But you are still special to somebody and the creator.


What you watch the kind of show you believe you’re part of?

i don’t understand, sexto

The feeling of being paranoid is both persecutory and grandiose.

Imagine the Truman Show does exist, but that its protagonist is not you but some guy X. Would you watch such a show? Not only that, think about the incredible ethical and legal hurdles the producers of the show would face; plenty of people, myself included, would not only not watch the show but vehemently oppose its existence. The conditions for such a show to exist do not exist, they would run counter to everything we know about how society works and humans being are wired.

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It’s a metaphysical Truman show.
It’s beyond legislation and common TV rules.
The whole universe is played.
I’m the Original Person, as i am the Original Poster.

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I see now, but that would no longer be the Truman Show but instead something closer to a solipsism where your conscious ‘human’ self would be the product of your own higher mind. Also, what’s the point of ‘cameras’ if the show works at a metaphysical level?


I really don’t know. This idea comes in fragments,not fully systematic like a theory

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Sometimes i feel like every atom of the universe is a tiny camera. So there are zillions of cameras everywhere