What your Psychiatrist doesn't know?

As per what works for me…

May be Olanzaine gave me Depression, I don’t know. Some guy in forum said he got depression because of olanzapine.

I take 20 mg Selegiline for Depression every morning.
If you ever take more than 5 mg Selegiline then you must follow what to eat and what not to eat
or else blood pressure will spike upwards and can kill you.
Selegiline is very very good for brain, memory and to live for 100 years.

I take Olanzapine 20 mg every night for Schizophrenia
and it gives be awesome sleep time of 8 hours every night.
I’m not worried of weight gain, just eat less food and do some 1 hour or 2 hour walking/exercise.

Olanzapine seems to give me lots of negative symptoms and RAPE thoughts and RAPE voices, I don’t know the truth. In my Mother tongue/language LANZA means PROSTITUTE.

OLANZAPINE has these letters in the same order LANZA

Any way I use Risperidone 4 mg every night for negative symptoms. Risperidone is very very good for negative symptoms. Risperidone means increased chances of getting Type - II Diabetes but it’s okay. Type - II Diabetes is not a disease which is a popular myth. It’s a pack symptoms which can be taken care of. Many people including Doctors think and consider it as a disease but there are new and few doctors who think otherwise and also wrote some books on it, it being just symptoms which can be addressed. Risperidone also increase Prolactin casing some harmonal imbalance and decreased sexual activity. I just take it. I’m little worried about it but I must take it. Olanzapine alone is completely bad.

Risperidone + Olanzapine is 100 % good.

Risperdone alone is completely bad.

Olanzapine alone is completely bad.

So Risperidone 4 mg every night.

I take large doses of L-Theanine, and it’s awesome. I’m cool as cucumber because of this large doses.

I’m also taking Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams every day.

I’m also taking 100 mg B6 vitamin.

What do I take:
Simple info:

Selegiline 20 mg every morning for Depression and good brain health and increase span of life.

Olanzapine 20 mg every night for Paranoid type Schizophrenia. My blood group is O+ve. Gives me perfect sleep of 8 long hours.

Risperidone 4 mg for negative symptoms.

L-theanine 400 or more mg for Positive symptoms and great calming effect. Awesome relaxed brain

Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams for negative symptoms.

B6 for brain function. B6 is simply amazing.

So I take 6

(1). Selegiline 20 mg every morning.


(2). Olanzapine 20 mg every night

(3). Risperidone 4 mg every night.


(4). B6 100 mg every morning


(5). L-theanine more than 400 mg 3 times a day ( entire day )


(6). Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams entire day