What you all up to today?

I’m gonna sleep and sleep and sleep
Then ill jog for fifteen minutes.
Then ill do some meditation
Sort out my notes
Gym (I participate in a class which allows me to be pushed by the teacher but they know about my condition so they don’t push me over my limit)


I tried going to bed, but no success.

Later today though I have a guitar lesson and I might get a new guitar. :smiley:


Winding down for the day! Been an ok day. Done some exercise and went for a jog so those goals are going well for me. Just been bumming around the internet this afternoon though. Not really in the mood for a computer game or tv…just flitting between this board and some bad youtube videos. Lot’s of visual humor and conspiracy stuff. It’s not a serious thing the internet!

Missing having the football world cup getting up early in the morning. Will be up Thursday to see the late game at around 3am or so our time! Go England!

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Today I still felt ill just like yesterday and the day before yesterday. Been weak phisically for nearly a week. Can’t do any thing serious at the moment. So today I just sat at my computer wandering on internet or leant on couch playing my smartphone.

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hey @green5 you been to your regular doc lately? Always pays to get regular check ups. Could be a physical reason why your feeling a bit weak. Good for your overall health to keep on top of things! I am nearing 50 so regular blood work is almost compulsory for me!

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Yes, I might need a blood work too. Thanks for advice.


It’s early morning and I’m sitting in the sun. Later today I have my dad coming over to celebrate my birthday with some cake.


It is 3 am here, and I cannot sleep. I haven’t been up this late in a very long time. I don’t know what’s wrong.


Happy birthday @Fellowman ! …Hope you have a lovely day! I’m soon to be 48! Bloody hell. Where did that go!!!

When I woke up too early in the morning I usually had a cup of hot water and then went back to the bed. Hot water helps with sleep.

Thank you very much @rogueone. I’m 51 today. Time really flies. 10 years ago I thought I would never see 50. Have a great day.


Hi, I’ve seen you say years ago that you were on Clopxiol injection. I had to take that in the past. I saw you say you took Abilify tablets. I take Seroquel at the moment.

And happy birthday if it is your birthday.


Thank you very much for the birthday wishes @Wallaby. Yes I was on Clopixol. It had some nasty side effects and was very sedating. I’m on 25mg Abilify tablets atm

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Happy birthday @Fellowman. Wishing you an extra special day


If this is from the medicine the other day then it will probably leave you soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery

Just watched the movie, “Annihilation”. Not my cup of tea.

Been down in the dumps lately, so I have been watching a lot of movies. But at least I get full theater like sound quality with my home made 40 years old speakers. I kept saying that they were 35 years old, but actually I threw them together, along with assemble the Heathkit AA-1506 power amplifier, way back in 1978. In fact, almost everything you see there is 40 years old, including the AKAI GX-630D real to real tape deck. The only exceptions, are the DENON CD player and the Samsung flat screen TV.


So they look in pretty good shape for there age. The Heathkit AA-1506 amplifier is on top of the speaker.


Thanks @anon90843118 I hope so.

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they look nostalgic and stylish. Nice work!

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I look at them and I think, holy crap. 40 years old ! Where did all that time go.