Hi good evening from the UK

What are you all up to on this fine day?

What mood are you in?

It is 23.13 here, I am just taking a break from my job preparation I know I don’t talk about much else at the moment

I must be obsessed lol


I eat to much and went to sleep to sleep it off. Good luck with good search. How are your symptoms now?

My symptoms are improving.
Still don’t feel normal but I do feel capable

My only sort of challenge is anxiety although that has improved too recently.

I just have issues with self image and my physical health,…

how is the weight loss going?

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Weight loss hasn’t been good weekend of birthday. Going to start again tomorrow.

Questions my sanity. Do I care? Not really. It’s kinda fun and interesting to be insane. I pity the fool who has never been insane.

Great, I am sure you will do well.

Are you swimming regularly now?

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No going to start this week.

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so how are you lol?

I’m pleasant right now.

I’m ok. Feeling old. 37.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

It’s after 6pm here. In an ok mood… no complaints. Today is not too hot.


awww,sorry to hear that you feel old.

37 is absolutely fine you have wisdom under your belt and I am sure you have had some good experiences too in life so far. time is precious let’s use it well


that is good it is not too hot there. too much heat can be tough,

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Thanks. 3 years off 40. Guess your right not that old.

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Yeah definitely. How was your day?

It was okay, thanks… nice to have my eldest brother around, we just all had lunch together and had a chat about the future a bit, renting versus buying sort of conversations

I also just keep getting paranoid that I will bump into people from the forum??

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Sounds like you had a very good day out.

Ah don’t worry. you probably won’t. But if you do bump into someone maybe it won’t be too weird.

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Yea it was pretty okay day today.

How about you how was your day?

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It wasn’t bad. I washed my hair, made dinner, spoke to my niece… pretty normal day here. Watching a movie now.

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