What would you say to your old self


If you could talk to your past self at one moment in your past, what would you say? I would talk to my old self when the voices first started, and tell him he is not even prepared for the hell he is going to go through and tell him wisdom about right and wrong. On second thought I would tell my old self to put a bullet through my head, but I know my old self would be to much of a ““pussy”” to do that.


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your about to go through hell, your flesh is going to burn off, your going to scream for 44 years…apart from that it is going to be a picnic…!?!
take care


Get ready for more of the same, but wait there’s more…


Always trust your intuition, but don’t waste your time trying to convince anyone. Stop waiting for others to do what you need to do yourself.


Well if it could be anything, I would have wanted my parents to have a doctor put me on medication at age 19 in the first year of my illness. Instead of putting me in a group home which didn’t believe in medication when my paranoid schizophrenia was full-blown. I spent a year going through hell, unmedicated. They say schizophrenics prognosis is better when they are treated early. I could list a bunch of things that I would tell myself. I would have told my old self to not take that first hit of crack.


My old self,is a quiet boy,and sometimes people say i am sly but i am still a kind hearted boy,i am 24 this year


I honestly don’t know or really care seeing as how its impossible. Along the lines of don’t do drugs and relax else your gonna go schizo. Really I just needed to lay off the pot if it weren’t for that I’d probably be fine.


“Buckle up - You are in for one Hell of a ride”


I was such a little jerk who didn’t listen to anyone back then, even myself. So if I went back in time, I most likely wouldn’t listen to myself again and think I was my own hallucination. If I went back in time, I’d try and tell myself to quit the drugs. But like I said, I never listened to myself.


Go to school. Don’t do drugs. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.


don’t move to spain. stay at school, get your exams and don’t smoke anything, not even cigarettes.


You have Schizophrenia. Learn to meditate and calm your mind. Not everything is good in ramen. Don’t drink or eat a lot of dairy foods. Delete World of Warcraft, go find this girl named [K] and help her out of her situation. Start running every morning. Eat more veggies, stop drinking soda. Avocados aren’t that bad, you learn to love them. Don’t listen to your Mom.


I would tell myself to accept my diagnosis and stop denying that I am mentally disabled. Before attempting to still work and burning all of my employment bridges.



Hi. It’s good to see you again.


I would tell myself to listen to people and get help.
For years and years I refused to get help, and wouldn’t listen to people when they said something was wrong with me. I wish I listened. Because when I finally did get help they said I had some of the worse symptoms that they have ever seen. I was gone. Basically dead for 5 years after being diagnosed.


In college when I started getting depressed I think I would have told myself to just try to find new ways to be helpful to others instead of spinning my wheels trying to be smarter.


I’d tell my old self to get out an enjoy yourself (clean fun that is) and socialize more so that you can make friends, find a wife, etc.



They are watching you and are going to do very bad things to you, don’t you remember them telling you that you were a schizophrenic on the third grade playground, you forgot somehow, they were in your head telling you rememeber!!!

Just find a way out!!!

And if you get a chance destroy all of the earth.


Get a normal haircut. I had very long hair from 4th grade on. Until 9th grade I literally had the longest hair in school but I was extremely shy and it probably contributed to my shyness because of the way it made people treat me. I’ve always felt second-class to EVERYBODY. I was called ‘hippie’ by a lot of people but they didn’t mean it a a positive thing, it was meant to be more of a an insult.