What would you do if you recovered?

I would go back to pursuing a career in acting.

If I recover from flat affect symptoms I would definitely consider going back to it. The symptoms come and go which is a sign that it can improve but means it wouldn’t be feasible to go back and try again just yet

It’s frustrating but I don’t give up hope :blush:


Probably get a better job. My job is easy which I like, but I could use more money than I’m making now. Probably make a few friends if I recovered. Go to school to finish my degree. Live in a nice apartment. I would do just what I’m doing now but I would do it better, and on a bigger scale.

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I would push my capabilities to maximum capacity.


I would go to nursing school.

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I would be glad to be in less pain, and I would have a more productive life. Crap like having to set aside two hours to go to sleep limits my productivity. I mean the letting breakfast settle before running thing is normal but two hours from when I go to shower to when I go to sleep? No

I would continue my education. I would have some good insight, like I already have, but I would be able to express myself more easily. I have a little trouble putting my research and my ideas into words, unless it’s with another psych person, they speak the language.


i am planning on recovering. I am changing everything about myself. I want to settle old debt , improve my relationships, go back to school and hopefully start a business. Tomorrow i plan on waking up and having a coffee and we’ll see where it goes from there.


I would want a cool job, a cool place, friends and the ability to feel good all of the time.

Kate xxx

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I’m not sure if I would be doing much differently at this point because I’m scared of driving, and at this point having undiagnosed schizophrenia while at university for 3 full years totally screwed my grades. I would still try to become a bookkeeper or accountant because it’s about the only classes that I didn’t take and bomb while psychotic. If I could go back in time and recover before it started then I would probably try to be a physician’s assistant again. I don’t know, maybe I would just try to become a better driver. I’m so afraid when I’m in the car, but I take such a high dose of abilify I’m always having slowed reflexes and reaction time and thinking while driving, making me scared to drive. I basically won’t have a life until the self driving cars come out like 20 years from now when I can afford one.

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I would be working in a commercial kitchen again.

Oh, what? You meant SZ? I was talking about my injured back.


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I would go to medical school.


At 58 too much water has gone under the bridge for it to make much difference. If I was cured of all my problems and worries maybe travel a bit . Not sure if getting a job at this late stage would be viable.


idk, i just try my bst no matter the situation, sz or cured i try my best.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day,
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Slow and steady wins the race.

I think maybe I should buy a pizza tomorrow, whadya think?


Definitely eat pizza!


I will take your wise advice. A pizza it will be.


I’d go back to work. I don’t like a lot of excitement at work anymore. I’d rather have something uneventful and monotonous to do. I don’t like fast-paced jobs. If this clozapine thing holds together and gets me to that point, I’ll definitely be going back to work. It’s starting to be something that is appearing on the outer reaches on my radar.


I have no clue and honestly the idea of that has always scared the hell out of me.

Hang out with a big group if freinds, bring them to a reasteraunt, mabey on a camping trip. A parade mabey. I can’t do large groups in public anymore so i would probably do something of the sort

I don’t want to wait for “recovery” … Damn the torpedoes… full steam ahead.

I’m just going to have to endure the head circus and keep going.

I guess for me it helps that I had no life goal or anything going when I was diagnosed, so I have nothing to try and get back to… nothing nagging at me as “what could have been”

SZ or no SZ I’m still chipping away at my education

Sz or no Sz I’m still working in a job I like.

Good luck to us all


I’d love to be able to be off of my meds and in turn be able to drink this year for the first time legally lol. I’d probably get a job as well and maybe go for my GED.