What would you advise a chronic schizophenic who gas thi illness 14 yrs but still suffering

what advise you have for a chronic schizophrenic

Some of this forum’s member have more than 25 years schizophenic, crimby, nick, etc. Do you take meds everyday?

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yeah I take 900 mg of clozapine a day and 300 mg of quietapine

Try new drugs. Like Vraylar, and iti-007 (when it comes out)


with clozapine I feel ive come a certain distance in recovery, but still feel I need something else to aid my recovery…as I say ive improved a fair bit but still get aggressive abusive critical voices that drive me round the twist…is there something I haven’t tried yet

Vraylar isn’t in Europe yet, so you wouldn’t have tried that.

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rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) was found to be effective against persistent voices. It’s expensive and not largely available, but you can look into it, maybe it will be your holy grail… Other than that, I agree with everhopeful, try newer meds (if you haven’t already) like abilify, rexulti, vraylar…

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try to make a list of what you tried and the effects/side effects - or have someone make the list for you. Then take it to you doc and see what other meds are available to try. Everyone is different and meds work differently for everyone. I have suffered from sz over 40yrs and still never found the right meds. You either keep trying or give up.

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