What Would Really Work to “Shatter Stigma” for Those Diagnosed with “Mental Illness”?

Good old anti meds , antipsychiatry Ron ,

Think he has a point in what he’s saying.

Here’s what Ron says.

Yes i know & i largely agree with him. But it’s dealing with very complex areas & cases are very individual.

i think some people do have less severe presentations of psychosis. Some people also get far more support & understanding.

For myself i accept the diagnosis & medication. If there had been & was far more in the way of genuine understanding, validation, help & support of a more appropriate kind, i feel strongly that i could have/would make a far fuller healing/recovery.

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I read something the other day that said this one schizophrenic mother ate her infant child. It seems the worst of “us” do some of the more heinous crimes but the news media never reports or makes an issue out of the heinous crimes that so called everyday seeming to be normal people do. I’d like to hear them say “yeah and he or she was one of us with no history of mental illness” I think that this is all we need to do to even things out a bit, but that’s not going to happen. This all just comes with the territory , and so just be good as you can be. The bottom line however is that who ever commits these very heinous crimes can not be right in the head, anyway you look at it, and perhaps they have gone un-diagnosed, and that depends on how good an actor they are to hide their misery.
I think we humans are naturally good actors. Just look at them all on TV where most everyone spends a lot of time watching them, perhaps studying them too.

How do you think the good cops and good priests are having to deal with their worsening stigma. It’s starting to seem like it’s the new crazy normal people(un-diagnosable) who are going to end up unscathed. So it probably helps to be a little crazy just to blend in better. Like a song by Jimmy Buffet that says “If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane”

An interesting article as well from Ron on defining recovery -

Made me think of how whenever my mom and I see a disturbing crime like that on the news done by a regular person she always says they must be mentally ill.

There are those of us who may be having delusions of grandeur like myself, but in my case, I keep my logical thinking going at 98.9%, and that is what keeps me from getting carried too far from the truth and getting into trouble by acting on my delusions as if they were reality, and that was before I was diagnosed and medicated.

Same. Once I became aware of my delusions I started fighting them constantly.

Logic is so important when it comes to these things.

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I’m gonna destroy stigma guys I’ve got this


Yeah you can do it!! :blush: I’ll be rootin for ya

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I agree with what is said in the audio file right at the start: people need to be familiar with real stories of schizophrenia.

That means being transparent about it. If people do not get their information from the first hand, they are bound to rely on rumours. If any group is being secretive about itselve, rumours will arise. Nice vicious circle there. I think we have a part to play in this, ofcourse we have to play a part in it! Who else is going to tell the stories of schizophrenia other than the schizophrenics?! Are we just going to sit and wait until some benign twist of fate changes society as a whole?

Big famous role-models are nice, but I believe that if you are transparent about it to the people you know these will rely on your first hand story over rumours any time. Are you going to believe some rumour about an event that you can not even remember the source of, or are you going to believe your friend who was there himself? I know what I would trust. Such disclosure will have trickle-down effects. I am a firm believer that if you want things to change you have to start at yourself and your surroundings.

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