What would my psychiatrist say if I said for him to take me off meds

Ok so I’ve never heard or seen things in my life. My dad took me to ppsyche ward 5 years ago and been diagnosed sza but I still don’t believe this psychiatrist. I see him in 6 days what do you guys think he’s gonna say when I tell him I wanna be taken off all these meds

I’ve wanted to discontinue treatments in the past and I just got sent back to the hospital.

You could try seeing a psychiatrist that takes a more holistic approach. You’re going to need to detox safely (slowly) from your meds.

I asked my doctor if it were possible for me to get off of an antipsychotic. She basically didnt think that it would be such a good idea. She has cautiously agreed to lower my dose a bit, but I think this is as far as she will go.
Its ok, I do trust her judgement

Is it a private psychiatrist that you are seeing, as in with insurance and not through a state in any way?

Because I’ve told doctors that I couldn’t take the meds anymore and they’ve said stuff like “okay…I obviously can’t help you anymore then.”

But of course, I don’t know you or you’re doctor at all, so, for what it’s worth.

Most people do not want to take meds. Psychiatrists know this. In fact I would say that 99.9% of people would not take medication if they did not have too. It’s common sense, right? Maybe there’s a .9% of people who enjoy the feeling meds give them and would take them voluntarily. But I think the rest of us would give them up if we could. And psychiatrists also know this. You don’t really give us a lot of information in your post. I don’t know how sick you are or how well you are. But I’m sure lots of people tell psychiatrists they want off of medication all the time. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him though you may not like the answer. When psychiatrists are faced with making a decision like this they will base their decision on your medical history, your behaviour, and your thoughts. In regards to your behaviour he may want to see those closest to you and get an idea of your behaviour.He only knows your thoughts if you tell him or if you have been telling someone close to you your thoughts and then he talks to them. The psychiatrist obviously uses his knowledge and experience of going through years of med school and becoming a psychiatrist and his experience with working as a psychiatrist and seeing many patients over a period of years and learning and seeing what works and what doesn’t for his patients.

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save all the heartbreak and heartache and all the relapse bullish*t and stay on your meds… stay compliant and talk to your psychiatrist about everything… you never know - you might get it lowered in a couple of years if you and your psychiatrist think everything is sweet

I want to scream “stay on your meds!”

BUT you may not need all of them (assuming that you’re on a cocktail). You don’t know until you try live without one or more of them.

Obviously, be careful. It’s much easier to live down having a minor eccentricity for a couple of weeks than it is to go completely paranoid and out of touch with reality.

I personally do not take meds and have not since somewhere around early 2010. I would say to do in the end what truly and absolutely feels good and best to you. I know that seeing a shaman really helped me when I went to see one a while back.

I was diagnosed four years ago and have not had an episode since. I have also never seen or heard things. Did you have other symptoms like delusions?

What were you hospitalised for? You say you’ve never head/seen things before (hallucination wise) but what were your symptoms?

you don’t wanna take meds, stop taking them. it’s your body. that’s my opinion. no one can force you to take medication.

I think I know what my doc would say if I told him I wanted to stop my meds…

“Well, you are an adult… it is your choice… shall we get your room in the ward ready now? Or wait three weeks when your brought in by the ambulance.”

When I am off my meds… it doesn’t talk long for me to unravel, end up in hospital and then I get to start all over again with the high doses and trying to get back to where I was before I crumbled.

I’m going to be sticking to my meds… I do work with my doc to have as low a dose as possible… but I know that no meds is not an option for me.

It’s your choice. But do it slowly.

I went off my meds with the help of my pdoc in 2006-2007, and was in remission for five years. But if I had to go off my meds now it wouldn’t be a good idea, as the symptoms will return. I tried it at the end of last year and was hospitalised for it.

My dad sent me to hospital and I’m sza definitely bi polar in there