What would AP's do for a non psychotic person?

I wonder what ap’s would do 2 them

If they were on them for a long period ?

And if they were on them for over 2 years

would coming off them trigger a psychotic episode ?

I’m guessing you mean someone who possibly might not need them anymore? There are people who get better, but many don’t. It’s a gamble to go off them. I heard that if a person gets delusional again, and they have to go back on them, they’ll need to take a higher dose than what they left off at.

I reduced mine recently, after I learned that the drugstore might not get my next repeat in on time (I wanted to make them last longer). I went from 20 mg to 10 mg for many days, and the voices got louder and louder. I take mine to avoid relapse. I’m happily swallowing 20 mg a day, again.

It would trigger deep depression cause it lowers dopamine in the brain + side effects of ap


I meant a normal healthy person would withdrawl sysptoms cause a psychosis?

Ok I was just curious to see what it would cause

If that person weaned himself off the antipsychotics over the course of a year, then I think there would be no rebound psychosis. Not a doctor tho

If a person that was never psychotic, that is to say a regular everyday person without any mental health conditions, started taking antipsychotics they would probably experience similar effects as we do, side effects like weight gain, diabetes, sleepiness, etc…

I don’t know if the meds would do any permanent damage or make them psychotic. Maybe but I don’t know. I’ve read on the internet about people who have insomnia, and no mental health conditions, being prescribed AP’s to help with their insomnia, they did complain about side effects in some cases.

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From what I’ve read, it would cause all of the side effects and none of the benefits (like clearer thinking).

Maybe they would get tired or feel less anxiety depending on the ap.

They would experience the same side effects as we experience.
Chances for them to receive rebound psychosis if they stop abruptly is less than what we (psychotic patients) experience.

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