Just a question plz

Say i didnt have SZ and they gave me APs and i started taking them. Is it possible that they can actually give me psychosis if i stopped taking them or missed a dose even if i didnt have SZ?

I missed a dose last night and started gettin paranoid.

I cant remember it being this bad before i took APs. Could they change my mind for the worse.

I feel trapped !!!

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They could give you TD and akathisia that could make you appear mentally disabled to others. I’m not sure if they can cause psychosis though, I don’t think that’s very common if possible.

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I don’t think APs will change our brains for the worse. Don’t lose trust in APs.


Yes. Discontinuing antipsychotics can give healthy people psychosis.

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I don’t know. I wonder about it myself. I know one can get withdrawal symptoms but I think it’s only temporary compared to the psychosis of sz.

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@Richard888, where do you get your information?

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How do u know this man ?

@anon39015889 dont stress man, Clozapine is a heavy duty AP.

I’m guessing you’re on a high dose ? Missing one dose can get you agitated and paranoid.

Just take your dose the next night and you’ll be fine.


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I learned that in A level psychology.

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Jesus I think this has happened to me !!!

Keep in mind, being SZ and going off meds can cause psychosis too.

Trust your Pdoc, if the professional thinks you should be on meds, maybe you really are sick. That’s something I’ve had to tell myself a lot lately.

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They wouldn’t give you psychosis. If you don’t have positive symptoms like hallucinations, they’re probably just helping you sleep. If you feel more paranoid without them, they might be helping anxiety.

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