What we learn

I think we are learning everyday…Schizo patients too. So why not take the voices and hallucinations as a lesson. WE OBVIOUSLY CANT GET RID OF THEM. So why not learn to live with them. I think if you full on hallucinate you’d be better off when you get over it then when you started. Better off in the sense that now you can do your particular “way” the thing(s) you started before you heard the voices or hallucinated better…ideas become way which become character which if blends off you goes into the universe to be new and off others to be new. No one has a particular way that will be beneficial for the greater good. So Go With Your ways. Your not wrong. Paranoia, depression, ecstasy, are characteristics of a person going through change…Most likely something is holding you back…your probably missing that thing that will push you in over yourself…you have dreams in your sleep…some you don’t like but that doesn’t mean that the dream didn’t have a impact on you. Day dreams. What I call schizophrenia now, since the voices don’t bother me anymore and i only hallucinate little lights and figments…I think they stem from my vision and the light from the Floaters in my eyeballs reflecting retracting and displaying the great wonders they stem from my being…It’s natural after you get along with them…I jjust heard a voice today and it said SssssTop. (stop) well i was trying something new. so It knew that. Maybe if i listen then I can continue with my Life with the time stopped right there. any more too much any less too little…maybe i knew it internally but couldn’t see it on the surface, too much and too little way. So i had to create the voice in that way. It had to be quiet and inviting so I can hear my other thoughts in retrospect easier, it had to be not enough to go off of only for what it said! that means I can think my other thoughts i was thinking without a distraction from hearing myself think…See thats why they’re so mysterious. Thats why you can’t tell the time with them when they’re present because they’re apart of you and apart of your make-up…Maybe a journal of thoughts you have everyday would be beneficial…You’d repeat the day in your head and what you were trying to do and the thoughts would come to a(n) conclusion…Maybe we all don’t have the answers right away for anything we are trying to think up but thats ok…being partly in the end is enough for most to get by…Good LUCK!