What was your favorite part of today?

Mine was when I aced my science test!


Myne Was When e(Y)e Awoke and Transposed Myself Within Tha Quivering Of Darkness and a Hope Of Forever , Embraced Within Tha Warm Binds Of Truth … ,

A Soft Hazy Fog Light Off In Tha Distance , a Twilight Ease Of Sadness and Comfort … ,

As e(Y)e Awoke Once Again As e(Y)e Sat Already Awake … ,

e(Y)e Gave Thanks To Tha Heavens For Such a Creation … ,

About 5min.s Ago …

Mine was posting on this forum…or having 2 beers watching the game. Or going for a walk, or feeling like an optimist…lots of things.

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Good thread by the way

Thanks, I love feeling optimistic. It’s a rare thing for me. :sunny:

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shopping for art supplies, baking a halloween cake. :jack_o_lantern:

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Getting a job today



Congratulations on the test… :thumbsup:

Finished work early… got an afternoon nap… :sleeping:


Sitting outside in my new chair losing my thoughts in the juniper tree.


there was a presentation on in my church talking about asia link and it was very interesting, and another thing i liked was talking to a friend by text late at night :slight_smile:

Congratulations, my favorite part of the day was seeing the sunrise.

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Wtaching the photos about the state visit to Britain by Chinese president Xi Jinping and his wife. I like the stylish outfits Mrs Xi wore yesterday. I like fashion and was delighted to see that our first lady has chosen thre right clothes for her. I had a bit stomach ache today but those fashion stuff cheered me up.

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