What was your experience in jail/prison?

jail. not sure what to say. some people will think less of you for no reason, they’ve never done anything wild and think little of a person being thrown in jail. too much reverence for authority from my experience. I mean shouldn’t it be a crime to throw an innocent person in jail?

downtown Cincinnati was my longest jail stint, 3-4 weeks. I got my own cell. a room with a drafty window, giving me a view of the city during the day, which was nice. the food is terrible. not vegetarian or vegan friendly in any way…unless you can survive the whole day on peanut butter or oatmeal.

it doesn’t take long for one of the inmates to notice you and decide to chat. one guy who was clearly mentally ill decided to pen me a letter and started calling me jesus. because of my long hair at the time. at this age I was older, approaching 30 and could care less about that loser, I took his letter and flushed it down the toilet without even reading it. that’s the thing, lots of these guys will prey on weakness and bring you down if you let them. whats to talk about really? most likely he deserved to be in jail and I didn’t.

I know my life’s worth

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That’s a very stigmatizing view…a LOT of mentally ill people end up in jail because the majority of public mental hospitals were shut down a while back…they aren’t dumb, they are sick. There are a ton of reasons why people go to jail.

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Haha. I don’t want to discuss it. It is just what I believe.

Open mindedness is a sign of intelligence. Closed mindedness is not. Just wanted to put that out there.

Haha. You are not going to rope me into a discussion. I hate criminals.

Not roping into any discussion, just pointing something out.

Good for you. 1515

I think you would find every intelligence in jail or prison. Also don’t think all criminals are horrendous people.

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Criminals are the dumbest people on the planet. No understanding of cause and effect. If you break the law you will go to jail. Duh.

@moderators If you want you can shut this topic down.

Went to jail for one night because privileged and bailed out. Went to the mans jail at 19 bc was a boy. This recovering meth addict and i had a real therapeutic talk.

I was crab fishing off Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco…I had drove my aunt’s VW bug with a friend to the Wharf even though I promised her I wouldn’t go into San francisco. my bad…anyways, I had no bucket to put the crabs in and they were all getting away and jumping back in the ocean. so I saw a bucket behind a stockade fence on the other side of the restaurant that was closed…long story short when I jumped over the fence and grabbed the bucket I was up to my neck in barbed wire and cross ties…I threw the bucket to my friend and gave him the keys to the car and by the time I had crawled over the fence again workers from the open fish market were waiting for me because I had caused a stir of all the seagulls that were on the back deck where the bucket was. haha spent most of the night in a cell with someone in DT’s or withdrawal convulsions on the floor…scary as hell…the women cops said “oklahoma…girls…what a cutie.” being sarcastic.

Haha man. I never said I was a genius. I think criminals are dumb…

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Never been in. I know lots of asshats who should be though.

There’s people in there from all walks of life with charges from petty driving infractions to more serious crimes to label a group of ppl without knowing there individual circumstances is pretty dumb in itself :thinking:

Stop. Calling. Other. People. Dumb.