Jail would take care of me

I was very insecure about having my needs met. I think I was toying with the idea of becoming a criminal just because I would be given care in jail.

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On second thought, I’ve known of sadistic officers who would just love to make myself miserable with punishment.

You don’t want to go to jail. It sucks!

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I like your avatar. Yes, I was thinking of a rather innocent looking rural county jail I visited as a child.

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Prison ain’t no joke. By all means do anything to keep yourself out of jail and trouble.

I understand but I think it would be better not to go to jail.

Yes, your cellmate Big Bertha and Nasty Rose in the cell next door would love to take care of you. All they ask in return is a couple “favors” every night after lights out.


I understand because I want to go to a group home, but I think it would be best if I didn’t go.

I’m in a group home now and a pretty good one. My insecurities were about my youth - trying to understand you younger kids.

I’ve been to many group homes – ever one was twice as crazy and always picking fights :dizzy_face:

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Yeah I would never want to go back to a group home. I was in one for a while.

Why you wanna suicide? Jail is like suicide, you may get killed easily in prison especially if you get in trouble with criminals.

Call 911 if you feel suicidal.

I was in jail, was so scared of being intimidated by the other inmates. The guard got angry at me and offered to put me in solitary confinement, so I told him sure, why not. He put me in and I stayed there for 5 months until the charges were dropped.

It was horrible :open_mouth:

One thing to note about jail in Fairfax County, VA… Lunch is two flavorless bologne sandwiches and a tasty cookie, dinner was tasteless slop, noodles, spinach, or bread with butter, but breakfast was incredible! I got a hot potato sliced in four, delicious pancakes with sugary syrup, a hardboiled egg (I got a taste for them when I was inside, I still like them now), and a one-serving container of cereal. I also got a small carton of milk. For my first two months they gave me cinnamon toast crunch, which was awesome, but for the last three months I got gluten-free rice chex, which tasted like nothing.

Breakfast was basically like paradise to me. As far as the sandwiches at lunch, I wolfed down the first one and ate the second super slow. Dinner was 6 PM, breakfast at 6 AM, so I always went to bed super hungry at around midnight (I’m guessing it was midnight, lights were always on and the view outside my cell window was a brick wall). When I didn’t have a breakfast carton of milk, I drank from the water fountain by the toilet, and the water was very cold and crisp, very tasty.

Also, most inmates in solitary get an hour a day where they are let out of their cell. I never got that. Jail was my mom’s last resort to keep me safe off the streets, but it kind of backfired. Worst of all they confiscated my underwear and never gave me my medicine.

I wasn’t provided magazines until my last week in jail. I wish I had been offered them earlier, they really help keep you sane. There was a segment on tourism in Paris and I tried to meditate and pretend I was there.

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Were inmates nice to you? If you get in trouble with them, will they hurt you?

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I have a fear of getting raped and killed in jail…
I had a bad experience with a big muscular tattooed black prisoner from mental hospital. He stole my new expensive Nike shoes. I told security and they gave it back to me. He looked angrily at me since that moment.

The worst thing is that he was sleeping in my room on another bed.

When we were being put into general population one guy made a kissy face at me, that kind of pissed me off.

My cell mate was white, like I was, and I think he would have been a cool guy. It’s not like I have anything against african americans, I just am by far the minority in jail. The problem was I had a psychotic break and started wandering in areas where inmates aren’t supposed to go, which is why the guard told me I could go to solitary. Once I got to a solitary cell, the voice in my head said it was president Obama coming to pardon me, and he couldn’t tell where I was unless I kept flushing the toilet so he could listen for it and find me by ear.

So after I had flushed the toilet about eighty times, the guy in the cell next to me started yelling about it and I was eventually escorted to solitary confinement in a mental illness wing. You’d think they’d give me my meds in that wing but they only gave me 1 out of 5 of my meds (Seroquel), which wasn’t enough to keep me sane.

For my last month they transferred me to a mental hospital where they put me back on my meds to prepare me for trial where the charges were ultimately dropped. It was great getting out, I appreciate every good meal I have now.

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I’ve been to jail twice and once to juvenile detention. I spent 18 months my first time in jail for my 4th assault charge and then I spent 2 years for 2 more assault charge but with a deadly weapon which were just my hands but since I was an amateur boxer my hands are registered as weapons. And juvenile detention 5 months for assault, and aiding and abetting from police and possession of narcotics.

When I was in jail I was 17-21 years old I’m 26 now. I was so young and reckless. But my visit there was tough. Since I still had the streets mind set I made a name for myself to survive from other women’s abuse or to just basically run me over. I did solitaire lock up on all my time serve for 3 and 4 months. The food was terrible it either had no flavor or vomit flavor. We always had bread though so I really enjoyed that.

I won’t get to much into detail of things that went on in there but I will say that fitness is what got me thru it and is what made me change my life.

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Wow that sounds rough I have a lot of respect for you. Yeah, the noodles and mush they serve for dinner doesn’t really taste like anything. Even hospital food is better.

You’re a woman? I thought you were a man. I get gender wrong a lot on this forum.

I was in on an assault charge but I never really hit anybody. My mom sorta said I did in order to get me locked up so I wouldn’t be wandering the streets psychotic. The incident she referred to is when she was blocking the door to my room and I just shuffled past her. I never hit anybody.

My brother hit me in the nose once, broke it, I never called anybody on him. That’s assault. Difference is I don’t really want anybody in my family to go to jail.

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Yeah not really proud of my record. Food was always terrible! LOL Don’t worry no one has ever got it right that I’m a women.

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