Did anybody have a very good childhood?

I had zero problems. I had friends. I went to school. I played soccer. This happened until I was a freshman in high school.


Nope. I didn’t have a very good childhood. My brother did though.

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My parents were pretty good to me. I was a quirky kid but people liked me. In high school and young adult I was quirky and goofy. I’d do anything for a laugh.


I’m having a good childhood so far, even with my schizophrenia. I have an awesome, understanding, and accepting family and friends that help me through life with schizophrenia. I’m financially secure with my family so I get the help I need. So I would say I’m having a very good childhood.


I think I had a fair share of abuse in my childhood but other than that my childhood is something I miss and wish I appreciated more.

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I had a really good childhood. My parents are very loving and supportive and i have two brothers who were my best friends growing up.


I’ve had a very bad childhood, full of screams neglect and madness


I’m still trying to figure out what my childhood was good for.

I think its pretty rare.

I would say mine was decent but that would be sugar coating it.

Mostly neglect and lies. Other weird stuff I would like to forget.

Horrible feelings if I start to dwell on it.

No friends. Mostly got made fun of behind my back… or to my face.

Or just outright ignored.

So much toxicity from people you would think by the passage of time would know how to act better and be supportive.

So that’s why I feel it’s important to bring up what the root cause of a lot of suffering might be and what to do about it.

There were about 3 really great years there after my dad left but before I started having psychotic symptoms.

no memories from past and cant make new ones, tomorrow after hydroxyzine is out of my system i will take 250mg quetiapine

I had a great childhood.

Not much money but oodles of love and support. I had a great childhood.

Had a good childhood and teen years… Still living it!


It depends on how you look at it. Before my parents divorced it seemed to be a good childhood although I do remember now some of the problems my parents were having with their marriage. My teenage years after the divorce were generally rough but I remember doing things like fishing, tennis, bowling, camping, playing video games, watching storms, and dreaming of a future that helped get me by.

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