What was the workings of witches in past times

the community in past times, witches were burned at the stake? why? what were witches doing? to deserve such fate?

Witchcraft can be a lot different from wicca I believe. But Malvok hit it on the head. Go paratrooper!

anyone who heard voices back then, was considered a witch and burned at the stake…joan of arc…is one famous one!!

I had a psychiatrist once tell me that those people accusing others of witchcraft were probably mentally ill as well - this does make sense - I mean being a religious fanatic kind of places you in the off the wall category


I dunno, these things have existed for a long time and even though the mechanics may not seem logical I can’t imagine the stuff being fake. I totally beware witchcraft, I dunno. Maybe my superstitions are getting the best of me lol.

joan of arc is now a saint

Totally ahead of the times, just imagine her at the roller derby lol.

It sort of shocked me when I saw this pop up. I have to tell myself… it’s just a coincidence. Maybe it’s because halloween is coming up that puts it in mind.

I’ve been having a hard time with this lately. I’m trying to keep a logical mind. But I’ve been pondering witches. I’ve been fighting off some sneaky brained thinking about this.

My sis believes in wicca and energy moving and ESP and ghost and gods and even though she doesn’t talk about it with me because she knows it upsets me… her book shelf is getting ever more filled with these witch craft books and stuff.

I just thumb through this stuff sometimes and shake my head… I’m not trying to negate other peoples belief, and some of the books I can see as a nice earth tradition and some books I can sort of get behind… But then there are some… it just some of the books seem so out there… all 4 wheels off the cart… how?

If I started talking to people about some of the stuff… inducing visions and psychic healing and channeling ghost to find wealth… I’d be back in hospital. I’m trying to just let this pass and not stick in my head… But it’s starting to worry me.

As long as the stuff is wicca and energy I think your sister has the right to believe in it. NOW, if she’s like in the backyard in some magical circle trying to summon spirits and talking in tounges…that may be a big red flag. Ritual magic or bloody cauldrons just go a bit to far.

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Thank you for that… perspective is everything… :smile:

A pretty fair number of women were burnt at the stake as witches during the middle ages. One woman maintains that nine million were burnt alive. That’s way overboard, though. There are a lot of people going around spouting ridiculous statistics. The real number is more like forty or fifty thousand were burnt during the entire middle ages.

Maybe she’d be interested in a fraternal organization or a coven for her beliefs. People may raise their eyebrows over the comment, yet I think everyone has a certain right to their beliefs. I myself have actually inscribed a prayer on a candle many times which is a form of wiccan prayer. Don’t forget the Anglicans, and the Catholics participate in ritual with white candles…holy water…and a sacrament that is pretty much indicative of a blood ritual (Christ’s body and blood). At least they’re not splattering virgins blood on a snowy pine tree or something horrid like that.

Sadly, the last “witch” burned in my country by the state was in 1693.

Is Harry Potter your neighbor?? JK

we would of been burnt at the stake for hearing voices and behaving oddly no douth back in the day!!

Or we could have been star children…shamans…priests and seers…I mean back then before the church, the inquisition and stuff people believed in it. And lots of religious cultures still believe in these things, like the Hebrew Nation studying Kaballah or believing that they’ll see God on his throne in the sky with prayer. Maybe in one way or another we’re very special through it, maybe it’s the best opportunity for us all to have this illness.

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People were a lot crazier back then. They had experts at torture. Life was not nearly as valuable as it is now. Heretics were burnt at the stake too. Modern sensibilities are relatively recent. It wasn’t that long ago that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus. It was that long ago that they had lynchings. People were crazier, and life was nasty, brutish, and short.

Well you think like torture and stuff like these brutal ages reflect to us are gone…I’m sorry to tell ya buddy but they’re not lol. 19 year olds are dying in Afghanistan bleeding out of the hip in the backs of Humvees, the suffering is global. Yet extremism is reflected in my belief through all sides of this current struggle globally. I think crazy is still there, and that it isn’t being shown to the people of a nation…maybe I’m wrong ok?


Their discoveries were revealing things that made life look less natural
It was scaring people.

Bad people took those Science findings and used them selfishly
(ie; Use fear to Control as Oppossed to understanding it to Council the Mentally Ill )

Of course you can also see how Science has helped a lot as well.

The best Scientists are mature enough to understand and strongly stand by the logic that not even Satan deserves to burn in Hell eternally.