History class

I got a C in history. I just couldn’t get into it.

Did you know that something very boring happened to someone very ugly in the middle ages, lol?


Martin Luther breaking away from the Catholic church? Now that was a boring history class. :sleeping: Zzzzz


A lot of people got burnt at the stake as heretics and witches.

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Trying to figure out who the ugly person from the middle ages is. Any hints? :confused:

Just in general.

Is that when the law was - An eye for an eye?

I read one theory by some scientist. His theory was that during the dark ages the population were all psychotic. He said this because people frequently went over the edge for no reason and just picked up a sword or a rock and hacked everybody around them to death or caved in their neighbors head with the rock. And this was common during that time and it happened all the time.

I wonder if it could have been lead poisoning. Did they use a lot of lead back then?

Maybe in their dishes?

Yeah, maybe. Maybe. 15?

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Nick, I like this topic as I can be getting used to the English names of the famous people like Matin Luther. I have read European history books but only in Chinese laguage. Hope to see more topics like this.

wish you a very happy holiday. and hope to see you come back posting next year.

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i used to love history…and still got d’s and e’s and f’s…so a ’ c ’ is amazing.
this is what happens when you don’t like a subject…!?!
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That’s when the law was torture people and burn witches and heretics at the stake.